193rd Year of Burnished Epoch, S.A. - Year of the Maelstrom

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Artaaluin is a work in progress at the moment. I am working on rebuilding and revamping a setting I created three years ago that I loved deeply but other projects took me away from.

Many elements of fantasy can be found in the world of Artaaluin, blended seamlessly with science. Magic, monsters, demons, and more can be found here.
Once, even, there was a time when a living god walked Artaaluin, but then mysteriously vanished.
Science Fiction
Even much of the seemingly supernatural, the weird, the wondrous has a concrete explanation in Artaaluin, whether anyone in-universe knows it or not.
But the elements of sci-fi are so much more. Powered combat exoskeletons, new materials, weapons powered by lasers, plasma, and more. It's all here.
So much has been lost to the Daeghra, so much forgotten. Even their living god has mysteriously disappeared. There is so much unknown, and thus, so much to find out, to be revealed.
Some may always be left up to reader speculation, but much shall be revealed in time.


The Daeghra, one of the primary inhabitants of the world of Artaaluin, believed they were long ago saved from a life of slavery by Imen-Alïsh, their living god, and from Qul Aglar, the Child of Entropy, and brought to the promised land of Artaaluin within the Second Realm. Their passage through the Rift that Imen-Alïsh created to bring them to the Second Realm, however, altered them in many ways and granted some fantastic powers.

For thousands of years Imen-Alïsh watched over their chosen people, guiding them and ruling them with a benevolent hand, then suddenly, only a little over 300 years ago, Imen-Alïsh disappeared without a trace.

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As this is somewhat of a revamp of an older setting, I'm hoping for feedback as I want to improve upon what I had. The only way I can get that is if you follow, subscribe, comment, and join the Discord server.

But what do you get out of it? Sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes stuff, notes, secrets, all manner of things no one else gets to see. Not to mention my undying love and appreciation. You also get to be a part of shaping Artaaluin. Your thoughts and ideas are that important to me.