Arrhynsia - World of the Adenshur Scrolls

Ur Hilgarria (Err-Hil-gar-ee-ah)

Filled with mystery, the Ur Hilgarria, (Deadly Water) separates the continent of Arrhynsia from the other continents of the world. Little is known of these except that they must exist, for in spite of rumors to the contrary that circulate amongst the more primitive and illiterate peoples of Arrhynsia, humans did not spring forth whole from the depths of the sea.   What is known is that the First Wave of humans arrived in Portsend in two ships were built of the most modern scientific and magical technologies available at the time, and for over ten thousand years, that feat has not been replicated, and not for lack of trying. Many ships have set sail from the most northwest ports of Arrhynsia, and even some attempts have been made to fly in order to avoid the savage magical waters of Ur Hilgarria to arrive at the continent of Eryia  If any of these attempts have been successful, there is no evidence of this, as none have ever been heard from again.   To the contrary, even the relatively short distances of the Ur Hilgarria between Arrhynsia and the Northern Wastes, or the waters that surround the Shattered Isles and reside between the Chromatic Continent and the mainland are known for fierce magical storms that batter and consume ships, and as the home of fearsome monsters which are capable of consuming entire ships whole. Ships are often outfitted with great magical plates on their hulls to protect from magic which seems to run wild in the currents of the Ur Hilgarria.
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