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Tlcassis Summer Camp 2023

So... I Did Summer Camp

  And I expected - I truly did expect - to be completely slammed this year. July was very bad timing for my irl job where we just delivered a project I've been working on for 2.5 years. I felt paltry only signing up for Bronze, but hey - the irl job pays the bills including my WA sub, so that's all I could commit to.   BUT - I GOT DIAMOND. I still don't know how I did that, because I didn't have a single week where I worked fewer than 55 hours from the second week in July through the first 3 weeks in August, many of them over 60. It was ugly, I wrote like a demon on crack during the weekends, and when I finally finished, it took my family all of 3 days to remember who I was.  

But I Did It With Stories!

  I really want a story more than anything else from my world, and that's what I did with several subsets of my articles and it really makes me happy. I also tried to avoid the readed wall of text, but I admit I wasn't totally successful.  

And GUESS WHAT? I EVEN WON something!!!!!

  It was amazing! I am so excited. I've never won anything in WA, or for my writing (although I admit I haven't submitted anything anywhere outside SC and WE last year either).   THANK YOU TO TILLERZ WHO JUDGED THIS CATEGORY!   So the article I wrote & won was to the Prompt: "Tell about ... the Title & Responsibilities of an Important Person in your World"   And my Title was a "Child".   And yes, of course it was funny, I laughed the entire time I wrote it. And I learned new (for me) CSS to do it. And it has ducks and rabbits, because - TillerZ. But I really invite you to read it because... You will laugh. I'm not wrong - even irl. Actually, probably, particularly, I'm not wrong irl.     So here it is (along with my diamond certificate):  

And now for the rest of My Articles

  There are 3 of clumps of articles that tell stories, and some random articles that support other stories in my world. The biggest "clump" (by far) is about the Cataclysm and the aftermath of it in the Northern Continent of Arrhynsia - and it involves a number of interesting characters and a lot of story narrative. One of the small "clumps" is about the grekelski (a group of swamp dwellers) and the elves of the Echovad Forrest and how conflict between them works out, which is - well, not very well. The last "small clump" is about the Tentatuluak, a sapient race of cephlapods, their language and celebrations. Last, there's some world building for other parts of Arrhynsia that suport my novel "Out of Darkness". So here goes:  

Articles about the Cataclysm and what happened afterwards:


And Now for the Other Stories

Cover image: by Undrey


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17 Jun, 2023 16:39

Best of luck with your responsibilities at your job this July! Delivery time is always a stressful crunch time in my experience, so hopefully Summer Camp will give you the little moments of peace to breathe while doing something fun.   On that note, have lots of fun writing the stories for the copper badge! I'm looking forward to reading your work. :D

Grandmaster tlcassis
Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia
18 Jun, 2023 02:43

Thanks! I'm definitely looking forward to Summer Camp - and reading your work this year too! It's been great so far!

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
20 Jun, 2023 10:39

Lovely tracking and setup of this article! I do know that I will be quite busy as well. IRL jobs, right? XP Plus, responsibilities and all that. Please do take care of yourself. I'm glad you are focusing on copper and giving yourself lots of grace. God bless and much success with your July plans (WorldAnvil, job, and otherwise)! Sending love and hugs. <3

1 Sep, 2023 04:48

"Child" was the first article written by someone else I found when I first signed up for WA. I fell in love with it that day and am so happy for you that it won!! I laughed the whole time I read it. LOVED the subclasses. It is still one of my favorite articles to this day. Congrats on your win, it is very well-earned!!