Arrhynsia - World of the Adenshur Scrolls

The Dawn of the Gods

From The Banishment of the Dark

“Betrayal is a sin whose stains linger only so long as the betrayed draw breath. To be pure is to have sinned so thoroughly that none have reason to doubt you.” -Ligeoa
  In the time of Gods and Goddesses, of the forging of the world and her peoples, each Voice called to them, those who would be their people. To the All Father , the Dwarves were called. To Saynleh (цельный), the dragons answered. Those who were short Crwydryn redeemed. To Jiisho (家族), those who were without drew close.   One voice, however, rang sonorous and clear - the voice of Lameravis (la meraviglia), whose children, the elves, flocked to join him in yearning and adulation. And so it was that the children of Lameravis joined him in song, and he gave to each of them their names. With their names they knew themselves and separated themselves apart from the other peoples to dwell in the forests, learning the beauty of the land and cherishing it for the gift it is. All elves reveled in the unity of their shared song. One however, cared more for her own voice than for the song of her people.   As is the nature of one who is entranced by beauty, Lameravis called the most pleasing of countenance to his side, preferring them above all the others. These were known far and wide as the Six. And the Six held sway over the Elves during Lameravis’s rest and travels. In imitation of their master, they gathered around them the adoring, the passionate, and the subservient and beguiled them with their charms. And among the respected and beloved Six was Larisa, known as the nymph, who adorned herself in finest silks and cloth of silver which she spun and wove into beautiful garments and fine items of great power. Her touch burned like fire in one’s very blood, and all who came near her were entranced with her power and beauty. She gathered many around her in ever growing numbers though she was not the greatest of the Six, nor the most sung.   Time passed, and the Six became Five, as Hyadilith the fair was lost. Long she was sought, but the searching brought no fruit- she could not be found, not even the echos of her song. Her followers mourned, but carried on, welcomed and adopted by the Five. And Larisa’s standing amongst the elves grew.   Once more, time passed, and the Five became Four. Ancyia was mourned, but more than that, fear began to spread, for among the Six, three were male and three were female. Of the four, Larisa remained the only female. Concern for her was paramount, and Larisa’s standing amongst the elves grew.   The events of her unmasking have been stricken from the recorded annals of history, her vile deeds not to be recounted, but this much is known - on that fateful night, the Four became Two. Murudu and Saimon perished, and even Lameravis himself was made to be no more. The remaining Two had a contest of wills and of word, and Naanam of the Two - though he prevailed, could not bring himself to raise his hand against his sister. It was only the All Father himself who saw through the curtains of deceit and betrayal that Larisa spun. As Naanam’s last breath was drawn, the All Father lifted his hand against her and called upon his followers. They slew the betrayers and drove those caught in the goddess’s vile web into the depths and bowels of the earth. Then Larisa cast from herself her name, and took to herself another, henceforth calling herself, Ligeoa the caller.   Then the All Father raised up the Draak'thor Massiff from the roots of the earth to seal Ligeoa and her followers to their fate with his own holy hand. He set his people to watch and guard the against their return. And there the dark elves exist, vile and unclean, practicing their evil arts, ever seeking to return to the land of the sun above. But the All Father has deemed that they and their Mistress will be jailed for all eternity for her sins against Lameravis and the Five, and he has laid this burden upon the dwarves.
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