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Novam Domum (No-vum Dome-um)

A small city in the interior of the isle of Novam Domum, where a community of dark elves lives quietly in the light of the sun.

Located in the midst of the Shattered Isles is a rocky island whose mountains rise steeply from the deadly magical waters of the Ur Hilgarria. The mountainous shoreline is impassable, rising so steeply that trees and plants find difficulty making a place on the slopes. The stone in this island is unlike the surrounding isles as it is a softer, more colorful stone that is riddled with holes and carved into fantastical shapes and hollows by the wild winds and saltwater spray.   But this is not visible from the sea. The single access point into the island's interior is hidden by long limbed tree shrubs whose leaves brush the water disguising the tiny cove from even the sharpest eyed sailors. Even past the guardian branches, the harbor behind looks uninhabited. Caves at sea level hide small fishing vessels from sight, and the path from the the tiny beach that leads around the mountain into the interior of the island is obscured by brush. One wonders how Egiten Aizuain ever found it.   This island is the home of the hidden ones, the Latenes Sunt.     The interior of this island is a place of great beauty and bounty. The land stretches out offering life and health. Fierce windstorms and salt water carve the soft stone of the island into fantastical shapes. Fresh water streams run down the cliffsides, while cultivated fields grow bountiful crops and pastures are filled with well fleshed animals. Forest areas house game and provide wood to the inhabitants. This is a good place, a fruitful place, a place where people live, but if you arrive during the day you will see no one.   When the sun sets, painting the sky with her final rays of warmth, and the moon rises shedding her cool light over the prosperous plains, the hills begin to glow softly, and motion can be seen. The Latenes Sunt are rising to begin their day.      

Welcome to Novam Domum.

A Hidden People in a Hidden Place

  The people of Novam Domum the Latenes Sunt live in homes carved from the soft sandstone of the island. These cave homes are extremely comfortable as being underground regulates their temperature, so that they are cool and dry in the blistering heat of summer and warm and dry when the island is lashed with freezing sleet in winter. The oldest cave homes face the interior of the island, and are not visible from the waters around the island or from the approach to the interior from the harbor.

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