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Crwydryn, the Wanderer, He who called to the Short

To truly understand the value of a thing, you must first have it, then lose it. - Crwydryn

The god who is rarely there:

  The Voice who called to the short - haflings and gnomes - is a bit of a mystery to outsiders, and only marginally involved with his people - to their knowledge. Rumor states that Crwydryn hides amongst his people, wandering through the land and visiting at the hearths of the short be they humble or proud. He has a reputation for wanderlust, moving from place to place.   This appears odd, as the short are highly social and familial people, with strong ties to their land and hearths. They rarely travel when left to their own inclinations, except for a small minority of them who suffer from their own version of wanderlust. These are termed "Crwydryn's Children" and include both those with an taste for wandering, and those who for various reasons (such as the Short Plague) are unwelcome in their familial communities. The existence of a god in abstentia who travels anonymously has engendered a practice of extreme hospitality towards strangers amongst all the peoples of the short. It is typical in observant families to set a place at the dinner table for Crwydryn and to invite perfect strangers whom one encounters to dinner and for an evenings rest.   The portrayal of Crwydryn across all his worshipers is consistent in theme, those who were called by Crwydryn were in some way "short" of the standards set by the other races or Voices, and Crwydryn sacrificed some thing of himself to fill that lack, and so became a wanderer ever searching or that which he gave up for his people.

God of the Short

  Unlike the All Father or Lameravis, Crwydryn, god of the short is rarely mentioned in the religious texts of the major races, with the notable exception of The Dawn of the Gods. Crwydryn however, is worshipped by more people than any other deity as he is a consistent religious figure for gnomes, haflings, pixies, nymphs and numerous other races.

Excerpt from The Annals of the Haflings:

At the time of the calling, when the sentient races were chosen by the Voices, the Voice of Crwydryn was an echo in the mountains, a whisper in the night. He called to those who were short, to the races who were overlooked by others, those who were not the strongest, or the fleetest. He found those who were not the most industrious, those who were not the most clever, the most ruthless, the most passionate.   He called to us, who the others considered less.   In us he found wistfulness and an admiration of the others, courage that endures the trials of life, and dogged patience that continues on in the face of adversity. To us he gave joy, contentment, good nature, a willingness to work, a satisfaction with life, a love of home. He emptied himself of it all, filling us up with his own heart, seeking to comfort us in our lack.   And having emptied himself of these, they were gone, no longer his own, and restlessness fell upon him, and he began to travel, for he could no longer be at peace.   So tend your garden, serve your master, set your table and drink the good brown ale. But invite the wanderer to your home, lay a setting at your table for the stranger, buy the first glass of beer for the wayfarer,   for Crwydryn wanders the world in search of the gifts he has granted to his people.

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