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Documented by The Livingwood Scribe
In the beginning The Great Gardener grew a world of nine seeds. The seeds grew into a beautiful flat world for his creations to grow, multiply, and develop. That is, except for the 9th and center seed. The 9th seed shriveled, grew monstrous plants, and hatched into the evil, Evmal. After a celestial battle, The Great Gardener used the 8 other seeds to create a planet around Evmal, forming a hollow world, with land inside and out.   The residents of this world consist of 8 clans on a large continent, 3 clans of men, 2 clans of Mints, 2 clans of Dreamers, and 1 clan for the Livingwood Dwellers. Their goal is to keep the evil inside the planet, and keep the outside a source of good an prosperity, which is all going according to plan.   With so much beautiful wildlife to preserve, the Mintish hardly have time to realize some of the 9th seeded plants survived the hatching. Men are to enraptured in attempting to further Arreteen technology and quality of life to realize some people don't have a mind of their own anymore. Dreamers are always trying to sync up with their other halves, while halves are being put together somewhere else...

Something sinister is creeping into this innocent world...

Welcome to Arret!