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Church of Knowledge

The Church of Knowledge is the religious order that follows the teachings and beliefs of Dutdur, God of Knowledge. This order is certainly the quietest and tends to be worshipped more in private than in an organised church way. They believe that knowledge can be gained anywhere and everywhere, so many of their church can be found spread out across Arrasgoth and normally work by themselves.    All churches that follow Dutdur will have the walls lined with books, normally with a dedicated section to whatever that particular area is known for. An example of this is at Coldwich where a small Church of Knowledge can be found which contains a library filled with books on beasts and claws which they sell.


The Church of Knowledge has a hierarchy that is the same as all the other churches in the Arrasgoth Pantheon apart from the Church of Arcana. The highest member of their church would be the High Priest, but Dutdur has been known to bless those he deems with knowledge who are known as The Chosen.    There are paladins and clerics that serve the domain of Knowledge, as well as a large amount of librarians that worship him and his church. The teachings they follow come from Dutdur himself in the form of books that are just found. None are sure how the books appear.

Mythology & Lore

The culture of the Church of Knowledge is focused upon the idea of exploring and understanding the world around you. It also focuses on the idea that knowledge should be freely shared and not hindered by age, race or language. The church buildings tend to be quiet and hardly any people are in them as they are seen more as places of storage of knowledge than of a communal worshipping space.

Where There Are Questions, There Are Answers

Religious, Organised Religion

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