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Broken Chains

"I don't know what you guys are doing, but it's fun! I'm in!"
  Broken Chains is one of the crew of The Last Fortune, self-proclaimed as the First Mate under Damien Reeve as Captain. He is a tabaxi monk who was trained in martial arts in the fighting pits of Egomont.  He became a pirate both out of a necessity to escape, and also because he felt it would be enjoyable.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Broken Chains wasn't caged from the start but he was in a different sort of cage at first. The tiger tabaxi was in a state of poverty to begin with. The houses were barely standing; there were many cold nights; long hungry days where each day was a means of survival. He remembered the day he was sold to a mystery half-elf well. He didn't understand what was going on as his hand was taken by him and watched his mother go further away from sight. He doesn't remember if she cried or not.   He spent time in the fighting pits watching other "non-humanoid" like races having to fight for their lives and going at each other. He watched as others were killed, fearing for his turn. His conditions weren't much better from before. He was able to feed but it was a means to gain muscle. He was convinced he was going to be killed for sport. He did, however find a kindness; a young healer who clearly hated her position but had to work. She had been learning martial arts in secret as a means to aid in her escape and taught him the basics for survival in combat. He felt this was a gift that he had been sent by the gods.   The time came for Broken Chains to fight and he was up against an orcish warrior who had been plowing through others without hesitation. He remembered seeing the uncleared bodies and the blood stained his nose. He and others tried to fight him but it was proving hard, resorting to a mix of his disciplined teachings and instincts. He ended the fight with his fangs sinking into the throat of the warrior, just in time for the law officials to break into the arena. Panic soon ensued.   In the carnage, Broken Chains and the healer, whom he never got the name of, made a wild break for it and were forced to flee in other directions. Before she left, she told him that he had now finally 'broken his chains. This was the name he kept with, for he was now free.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
14 Tomimili
Year of Birth
24 BTU 1026 Years old

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Luca Poddighe
12 Jan, 2022 21:48

Seems an interesting character, is he a PC or an NPC?

13 Jan, 2022 14:30

He is a PC. One of my players' characters! I have three 'adventuring' parties as such. I have two pirate groups for the same players, and I have the Beacons of Hope who are my main group :)

Luca Poddighe
13 Jan, 2022 16:05

They have to be fun to play with or at least seems so from your description...

14 Jan, 2022 14:36

They are all wonderful beans!