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Admiral Nathan Hawthorne

"There is adventure to be had everywhere if you know where to look."
  Admiral Nathan Hawthorne is the Admiral of the Teyrnas Seren navy. He sails and owns the ship, The Night Star, under the banner of the Kingdom of Carowen. He is one of the most important people in the capital along side royalty and other generals of his rank.   He is known to be a fair and just man, making sure he has all the facts before making any rash decisions. He is well respected by those who meet him and loved by those who know him. He has a neutral view on pirates, despite them sometimes being at odds with the navy themselves.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Admiral Nathan Hawthorne was born in Teyrnas Seren of noble, half-elf parents. His father was a general in the army and his mother was a herbalist. He was raised an only child with as much attention as two busy parents could give their child. He wanted for nothing and learnt to be kind, polite and to work to get where he wanted to be. He was supposed to follow in his father's into the army but the call of the sea sent him along a different path.   By the time he was in his adult years, his father had passed away in a military skirmish that he knew little about. His mother died not long after him of what he believed was a broken heart. He sailed through the navy, reaching promotion after promotion before meeting the woman who would become his wife. Alicia was beautiful, charming and easily won him over into a quick marriage. She fell pregnant soon after and by the time he was Admiral, his first and only daughter was born, Penelope Hawthorne.   Whilst his work had been his life, Penelope was his greatest treasure. He doted on his daughter and was known to be upset when he had to leave her behind for work. As his daughter grew, his issues with his marriage began at home. His wife was not who he had thought she was and he found himself in a loveless marriage. The turning point of his life was when he took his daughter on her first, and only, trip on his boat. His daughter fell overboard and almost drowned, rescued by one of the guards on the boat. He kept her in the city from then on and has been spending time between her and his ship ever since.


Admiral Nathan Hawthorne


Towards Alicia Hawthorne


Alicia Hawthorne


Towards Admiral Nathan Hawthorne


Current Location
Year of Birth
960 ATU 42 Years old
Aligned Organization

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2 Dec, 2022 00:23

Aw, it sucks that he's stuck in a loveless marriage, but at least he has his daughter. :(   I like the touch that he is neutral on pirates. That's an interesting position for an Admiral to have.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
2 Dec, 2022 17:57

He does! His greatest treasure! <3   And thank you! Pirates in Arrasgoth fall under two categories, and have a law about them on one end so it's a tricky line!