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Toffanil Rissmarand

"Looking sharp." Said Toffanil Rilstraee.   "Thank you dear, what did you think of my proposal?"   "I think it's not the right time dear, we don't want to frighten them..."   "What do we know of their... rituals?"   "Almost nothing, but for them to be 8 billion of them, surely, they must... mate..."   "And so do we my dear, but there is more to sex than mating, or reproduction."   "They've just not volunteered that information, mentioning they were led by rulers, who had a rite called Kannaveral."   "Only one of their realms had this rite, it conflicted with their ability to accept arranged marriages, according to Coalition Star Colonel Javik Guberdot."   "That one realm is the one that sent us emissaries though, we cannot ignore that."   "No, but we should read Guberdot's actual notes. There must be something we're missing..."   "True, I'll do that later..."   "Why not now?"   "Now, I plan to feast on my dipole..."   "Oh, you silly!" Fade to black.  
  "Welcome, we finally meet Emissary Toffanil Rissmarand."   "Please, just Risss, Toffanil is my Dipole name."   "Err, would it be awkward to ask what a Dipole is, in context?"   "Err, perhaps when we know each other better..."   "Oh." She turned bright red. "And this is Lunqui Zvei, my companion."   "Do you... formalize your relationships?"   "Yes, but... Lunqui and I are not yet ready to formalize... It is a little early for us."   "Ah, and how long does it usually take?"   "A revolution? Sometimes two, is often quoted, there's no hard rules, but giving it the time to know each other is pretty important." She grabbed Lunqui's hand, fiercely.   "Ah, that fits with what we deem wise amongst ourselves. Please be known to one of my dipole, Toffanil Rilstraee." The slight, petite golden-skinned woman would not have looked out of place at a temple of advantage in Arnd. Her large, very dark eyes and black silky hair would have fit a priestess of the cult as well.   "You mentioned not wanting to speak of the dipole yet, but can we at least safely assume it's a group of people?"   "Yes, a group of exactly four people, two of which are publicly known, myself and Rilstraee."   "That is interesting. So the other two are kept secret?"   "Should we work together for some time, you might have opportunity to meet, but without that, or a family relationship, we do not disclose dipole membership."   "Fascinating, And the public members of a dipole are chosen for their ability to dance?"   "You've read more about us than any coalition emissary before you, clearly. Yes, we are the public face, and when we gather together to dance in public, it is always me and Rissmarand. Our files mention a rite of Kannaveral, is that a common thing on Arnd?"   "No, Kannaveral and Herevale are exclusive to a small country, the one we're from."   "Small?"   "Kagome is only the twenty-sixth largest economy in Arnd, as we measure them."   "Oh, how many people live there?"   "Sixty-five million, at last census."   "That is small, yet it is more than all of the stations of the Massimi, anywhere..."   "Twelve million live in our capital, Megamisama."   "That is half of all the Massimi, anywhere, is it a large city?"   "Perhaps top 10, but certainly no more."   "I was born in Sook Zenith, the largest, at nearly sixteen million when all the visitors for festival are added. It is unimaginably noisome." Spoke Lunqui, for the first time.   "I've always loved to visit, myself, but it is the only visit I need to isolate myself in quiet to recover from... No other place on Arnd is quite that loud." Interjected Luci.   "So over one fourth of all our people, in just your largest city? How do they cope?"   "Well, it is a large city, and it has amenities, large reserves of hot water for any purpose imaginable, minerals of most types for export and trade, it is also very secure from any sort of attack. It's also the highest capital city on all of Arnd, with an incomparable view of the countryside."
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