Service Record for [X] in Service [Y]

"Here, this is the printout."   "You have to print it out? This is heavy!"   "I was required to, by OPM. Now be a dear and carry it to the Plaza."   "That was a trick!"   "Yes, I didn't want to carry my whole service record by myself across the plaza, so I got crafty."   "Hrmph. Will that be all Zim?"   "Yes, carry on Kon, don't forget I need you here for the all-wing meeting by nightfall."   "Yeah, I know, I got all my notes ready for that."   "Rehearse?"   "Should be ready by five, if you are."   "Grr, yeah, it's a challenge, but I think I can do it."   "Why do you need your record on paper anyway?"   "They didn't tell me that."   Two days later, at Megamisama Palace, less than half a kilometre away from Megamisama Drydock Plaza...   "Officer Rolli?"   "Aye, Zim, I am Officer Flora Rolli."   "Please follow me to Vision Hunter's office."   Gulp.   "Officer Flora Rolli, reporting for duty, Zim!"   "Thank you, Dagger Bandolier] Ranno, that will be all."   The noncom left the room.   "Officer Roli, by this semester's Edict of Rank, enacted by Meihomei on Undeciem 37th, I am proud to say your rank is incorrect, please find proper attire for an Raptor , that is, Shrike Uniform, soon. By the same Edict, you are to add the badge of Piper, that is second-in-command of FlyForce elements assigned to Sixth Fleet, you are to be the fifth flag aboard NDF-1, and Third Flag aboard SDF-1. Please present your record for verification."   "What?"   "We don't normally ask for an officer's record, when we do, we're usually cross-checking recent promotion eligibility."   "So, that's why I was asked to print out my record? I sent it off with my Kon."   "Yes, sorry, it's a new tradition, I should teach it to more of my officers before I subject them to it. I wanted to remind you of the weight of your actions..."   On the plaza, coming closer.   "Teuf Teuf!" Amarat was furious, lugging around 5 kilos of paper on foot in a canvas bag was hardly any fun.   Back in the Admiralty building, in the section loaned out to FlyForce brass.   "You really are going to read it?"   "Just choice sections, making sure it matches up."   "And you wanted it printed for the weight of the paper?"   "Oh, and falsifying records carries a double penalty, automatically, if they are written on physical medium. Someone got clever and decided that we only used physical documents for important things, so the law for forgery got adapted to match."   "Kon Wolfe!"   "Tercel Rolli!"   "She's badly frocked Kon, please salute new Raptor Rolli."   "Capital! Red Leather for sixth fleet! Woop woop!"   "I summoned you here for more red leather, Kon Wolfe, here is a letter, from Meihomei."   "From Meihomei herself?"   "Yes, although I can guess what it is..."   "I can't, what is it?"   "GFOR-09 Skotia Wolfe has done only the things that support one outcome for a NCO above quota, look at the ink on the envelope." Mariloup read:
From the desk of Meihomei, Kagomine Palace at Megamisama Megamisama, 10 Dock Street   To Mariloup Wolfe, FFOR-09 Ornate Dagger Bandolier attached to Imperial Navy Sixth Fleet, assigned to Megamisama Harbour   I, Marhamat Dandelion, Valour-keeper of Kagomei, Legendary Souchon, send Mei greetings. Your conduct has been as far as I've been able to examine, exemplary, and yourr technical proficiency, impeccable. When members of the Imperial Armed Services ask for a Servicemember exemplar, the conversation starts or ends with you. Your candidacy is the first unopposed candidacy to the rank of Telbun since my cousin, Tadros Dandelion's Candidacy, in 780!   As these facts are all true and I will vouch for them with my life, I have gently suggested to Meihomei that she grant you the title of ASOR-10 Telbun for your deeds and skills.   As she is with me here, I will let her scribe transcribe her words into what remaiins of this letter.   I, Amalthéa Kagomei, Meihomei, In State and representing fully the courts and institutions of Kagomei, speak thusly:   It is my legally binding will, that:
  • Mariloup Wolfe be elevated to the rank of ASOR-10 Telbun, alternatively known as NFOR, GFOR, depending on the prior branches of the service Worthy Wolfe has served, which, from reading her file, I now know, includes: Ground Forces, Fly Force, Naval Forces, Life Guards and Special Forces, but not Border Guards nor the new Space Forces I started last week.  I give it two months before she joins those(Meihomei laughed, so I presume this was a joke - Scribe)
  • She be granted the Ryder Swanwick, traditionally assigned the position.
  • Become the vice-dean of the Naval Academy at Megamisama
  • Become the honourary vice-dean of the Maëlle Comma aerospace academy 
  • Become the Armed Services representative to the chamber of commerce of Megamisama.
  • Become the Vice Mayor of the Palace of Megamisama
  • Become the Vice Mayor of the Mei Imperial Palace of Kagomei at Innu 
  • Become the Vice Mayor of the Mei Palace of Byzance 
  "Well Honour my aged grandmother sideways!"   "Kon Wolfe, there's no call for language like that..."   "But, but you don't understand, now... I'm a noblewoman!"   "Yes, and?"   "I mean..."   "Feyd Wolfe, I greet you, as Na-Feyd-Consort Veneer."   "Oh, right, you've been marrying one of those green-eyed types."   "Kon Veneer is known to you, no need to disparage him for his royal birth."   "Well, he's in a bit of a sainty odor lately, with that Merit."   "And I'm NOT?"   "You're my personal friend, he's..."   "Did we or did we not double-date together last week, Kon Rolli?"   "Oh, Aye, Na-Feyd Rolli..."   "Did he do anything untowards, or inappropriate?"   "Well he ate more than is appropriate, but it's not the inappropriate you're going for..."   "So what's your beef with my Grib?"   "Can we talk about this without the Vision present?"   "I do appreciate the time to rest my eyelids while you two chatted, but I must return to work. dismissed."  
At Kannie's, across the plaza from the Admiralty.   "Booth for two Dentrag."   "Not the room? It's empty. You two are fairly crackling with secret, or at least, discreet energy."   "Sigh, yes, upgrade us to the Navy Room."  
  "So what's your problem with my Grib?"   "You want to sit down for this..."   "I'm sitting."   "I'm inordinately angry at Amarat because... he's, elements protect me, the first man I've found attractive since I transitioned..."   "Hardly the best strategy, you trying to steal him from me?" Her tone was light.   "No, however could you think that?"   "Snarking at a boy to get his attention never worked for you huh?"   "Hmm, when I was little I never dared, too much of a mouse.... Is that how you do it?"   "It's one thing that would attract his attention. There's others, but don't practice on my Grib please."   "Why don't you call him your Herevallin anymore?"   "Because, dammit, we have an open marriage, well kinda open, at least, it's been opened before."   "For him? Or for you?"   "Both, at different times. Why do you ask?"   "Is that like swinging? The new miptun has some Kimagurayan ideas..."   "It helps that Amarat is lord of the city, I know those rumours aren't all false..."   "What?"   "What happens in pearl beds stays in pearl beds in Kimaguray?"   "Oh, yeah, I thought that trite, but I guess they do keep secrets pretty tightly there too."   "I hear that's not the only tight thing..."   "Hey, stop that."   Knock Knock.   "Yes?"   "Are you ready to order, or should I come back later?"   "Ribs a la Tsou, small portion, with side of rice and a dark dragonnet ale."   "Same."   "What were you going to say, when we got interrupted."   "No hinting at tight things in Kimaguray, I may just want to sample the miptun..."   "Oh Elements!"

Document Structure


Contains dates of rank and dates of rate, assignments and commands, commanding officers, related commendations, marks of demerit, rate of pay if docked or otherwise diminished, any bonus.


"This document is private and the personal property of Meihomei, used by the cited individual, and staffing officers of the respective commands only with her permission."


This document references the Service Code for each service liberally and without prejudice.

Publication Status

A copy is kept in digital form in the Jade Banks(computers) of the Offfice of Personnel Management(for the Navy), Office of Personnel Planning and Procurement(Ground Armed Forces), and equivalent military and paramilitary, like the Border Guards(like the Canadian coast guard) and Lifeguards(who are like magical police, firefighters, EMTs combined)

Legal status

Each individual serviceperson's record is a legal attestation of their service, and can be requested by a court at any time.
Record, Employment


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