Nisei, Realm of

The security guard inquired at the Megamisama Drydock Plazza #1 office building's lobby:
  "How may I assist you, distinguished visitor?"   "I would have you know, I am, by the grace of the ancient sages and modern mages, known as Trireme Minoro, Prince of the second rank of the Empire of Nisei, and I have been sent as Ambassador to the Empire of Kagomei, kindly assist me in finding whom I must present my credentials."   "I am most contrite, but you are not in the right place. Please let me offer you some Keffiyeh or Tcha and contact the correct person to come fetch you." The guard thought his language was a bit florid, but this foreigner was obviously someone of some importance, by his demeanour.   "Tcha would be lovely, indeed." The guard asked one of the Naval office workers to start working on Tcha and called Megamisama Drydock Complex Plaza #3.   "Secretary of State of Kagomei, Assistant Auxiliary Vice-Undersecretary Van Pelt , Ryder Kannagael's office, how may I direct your call?"   "Hi, this is the security desk at the Nessun College, we have a 'prince of the second rank of Nisei', I think he's one of yours. Would you send someone to assist our distinguished guest?" There was a curse, and someone else picked up the phone and continued.   "The Undersecretary will come to join your guest, please keep our Distinguished visitor comfortable."   Ten minutes later, an official aircar of the State Department slid into the reserved VIP spot, the First Kagomei Lifeguards scanning for threats, then helping the Undersecretary, whose desire for a security blanket certainly had not diminished, out of the car with a modicum of decorum. Entering the lobby, the newcomer bowed to the distinguished visitor, and spoke in functional, but rusty Nisei:   "Please excuse my lowly self and rushed appearance, I am attending the affairs of my betters who are away on official business."   "Surely, they would come knowing that I am here?"   "I am most apologetic, but the State Visits they are on were arranged weeks ago, and cannot be interrupted."   "Who would warrant such importance?"   "The collected leaders of the Eurani Commonwealth and Treaty of Rannick are meeting in Lai Dang ." He didn't need to explain who that was, Nisei was a commercial rival to many in the commonwealth, but they had also a brisk trade with each other.   "And what is being discussed?"   "As it is known, it is spoken, they are discussing enlarging the terms of both organizations, if not merging them, then greatly expanding both organizations."   "I would contact my superiors, perhaps I could meet them there, for that is the purpose of my visit. But, lest I provide insult to those here, I should still present my credentials" "If that is agreeable, I shall take you to the Kagomine Palace."   "The... palace? I thought the Secretary had offices here?"   "The Secretary's offices were moved, as well as the Prime Minister's, only the Secretary of Defense's are still here. I humbly request that you most faithfully follow me as I present you to an official that can accept your credentials." He didn't say the Secretary of State's office had been moved to another building in the plaza but were conspicuously empty. He didn't want to have to explain there was no one in the consular service of all Kagome in the city between himself and Meihomei herself. That there were seven grades between him and Meihomei was expected, the fact that no one enjoying those grades were in the city was unprecedented.   A short drive later...   "Please do follow me, distinguished guest."   The page tried to interpose himself, then thought the better of it seeing the expression of stony resolve on Linneus Van Pelt's face, as he barged in, and stopped, locking eyes with the page, who waited, not opening the door.   "There is an Emissary from Nisei here, with credentials to present."   "I shall instruct the particulars. Please wait here, it will not take long." He slid inside while the others waited.   Meihomei was griping to Shibué: "It's exhausting, those Aquamarine Peacocks*, they talk, talk and talk..."   "How important is this one?"   "The Tsou? Twice our population, and signal know-how in manufacturing, their economy is rather large..."   The page entered the throne room.   "Yes, Page, Vallin, is it?"   "Thank you Meihomei, I've not earned that... I bear news, Assistant Auxiliary Vice-Undersecretary Van Pelt is here, with an ambassador..."   "What, but he was just here, handing off the ambassador from Tsou?"   "This is one from Nisei! I know just enough of the language to know he's an important dignitary, and he definitely is not Tsou."   "Nisei? But that's four times bigger than Tsou, the largest nation NOT in the Eurani pact or a member of the Loro alliance."   "Well, I'm given to understand their ambassador asks leave to hand you an official document."   "Show them in after ten minutes, Shibué, call the band from the fleet, and your father, I need him here."   In Nisei, knowing Meihomei had some command of the language. "Thank you for seeing me, Meihomei, I am Trireme Minoro, Prince of the Second Rank of the Nisei Empire, I have been tasked with improving relationships between our peoples."   "Thank you, Namei Minoro." She replied in the same language. The guest stiffened. "Namei Trireme." She corrected herself, and he relaxed. "Please present your mission, and should you need to hand a document, please present it to the Valour-keeper of Kagomei keeping guard to your left."   The ambassador started, the number of medals on this individual was intimidating, no, not just intimidating, it was simply the most medals he had seen on a single individual, and many of them were conspicuously lavish in precious metals and gemstones, just what had he done... wait, those are the ribbons of a Knight of Kagome with distinction, and three Merits of Honor! No one had ever won the Nisei equivalent of those titles, even one of the order of the Rising Sun would ennoble a peasant! Wait, no he must be dreaming, The Nisan Badge of the Dawn standard-bearer? Oh, that's who he was. He remembered... Marhamat saluted, and it was returned by a low bow.   "I am but a servant, a servant of Meihomei." Came the dusty, rusty sound of Marhamat trying to speak Nisei.   "Even I, who has never been to Kagomei before, has heard of how impressive Marhamat Dandelion's deeds are. I am honoured by your presence, Rising Sun."   "I apologize, I am not worthy."   "The Rising Sun is our highest medal, you are a hero to my people, and to yours."   "I was but doing my duty."   "To risk one's life to save one's ruler is a signal act of bravery, and we Nisei honour those that risk such greatly."   "Thank you, if you will let me open the letter for Meihomei, I will proceed."   "Open it?"   "Marhamat has saved my Grandfather's life, my father and mother's and mine, he is one of the few people even allowed to lay hands on my person for any reason. Certainly, he can handle your letter."   "My life in balance, I beseech you to give this to Meihomei promptly."   "That was poetry?"   "Aye, it is a Baikonor."   Slicing the red sun seal off the letter, Marhamat handed it to Meihomei, who paraphrased, in Kagomine for those present whose Nisei was shaky.   "It is my Mei pleasure to inform my people that the Empire of Nisei has seen fit to ennoble Namei Trireme for the purpose of sending him to our shores with an embassy, his mission is to discuss terms of mutual assistance against the invaders."   There was polite applause.   "I do not see any of my usual counterparts, I'm told there is a mission in Lai Dang?"   "Aye, my sister is there with everyone that could go, to negotiate an alliance between the Treaty of Rannick and the Pledge of Eurani."   "Surely you did not send everyone?"   "The ones we did not send are indisposed, one is recovering from injuries caused by an invader attack that occurred yesterday, the other is giving birth this day."   "Congratulations to the happy parents."   "You and our other guest are welcome to join me for Tcha, since it is late for the midday meal."   "Another guest?"   "My city hosts two new and unexpected embassies, yours and that of the Tsou."   "There is a new Orange Prince?" There was panic in his voice.   "I'm sure you can ask him in person, honoured guest. Please join me in the petit salon in one hour."


A loose federation of magocracies, to be exact.
  1. At the top are the eight princes of the first rank of the Nisei, or Magelords
  2. Below them are sixty-four princes of the second rank of the Nisei, or Mage-generals
  3. Below them are two-hundred and fifty-six princes of the third rank, or Mage-captains
  4. Each mage-captain is responsible for a district.


A magocracy, magical power is paramount, and everyone wants to be tested, found to be a sorcerer and become of the of important, powerful sorcerers who rule the land.

Public Agenda

Pretends to present a unified front, behind closed doors, hidden agendas and backstabbing are rife.


  •  year 134 - Nisei annexes part of Qinping after a horrifying battle, leaving them freshly aware of the value of life. Tang adds three quarters to its land.
  • year 253 - King Sye Jwo returns from ten years spent traveling abroad to discover a plot by the other noble families to replace him. He retaliates with a bloody purge.
  • year 353 - Chyau Laurwei is adopted and raised by the King.
  • year 384 - Queen Sye Zhyaywe of Nisei conquers and annexes Branmere.
  • year 454 - Jung Chyoudzih devises a world-changing invention, gaining great renown.
  • year 1013 - Purpurius is conquered by Nisei.
  • year 1176 - Nisei invades and conquers Congchar, claiming that their Prime Minister was planning to assassinate Queen Sye Laikai.
  • year 1176 - Pi Gwangge heals Queen Sye Laikai of a disease that Nisei's healers thought incurable.
  • year 1221 - Bei Syauhai is rescued after a storm at sea, her crib floating amidst the wreckage.
  • year 1227 - When Bei Syauhai of Nisei captures one of High Priest Wesman Gomfrey's children in battle, 
  • Founden trades a border province for his safe return. A fifth of the population of Founden is absorbed into Tang.
  • year 1236 - Bei Syauhai is betrayed by her evil twin.
  • year 1276 - Bei Syauhai brings a serial killer to justice.
  • year 1450 - Claiming that it is the will of the gods, King Sye Szih of Nisei invades Founden and seizes control.
  • year 1459 - Nisei invades and annexes Hoham to serve as a defensive buffer against its rivals.
  • year 1542 - Using a trade dispute as an excuse, Nisei invades and annexes Hochthal.
  • year 2336 - Settlers from Tang found Hulu.
  • year 2345 - Settlers from Tang build the nation of Ci, forcing the indigenous populations off of their traditional lands.
  • year 2438 - Nisei beomes a dictatorship.
  • year 2443 - Sheetria conquers part of Tang in a battle so terrible it leaves the victors numbed to the horrors of war.
  • year 2610 - Upon taking power, Sye Shou changes the rules of succession to ensure no other family will rule Nisei.

under the watchful magic of the sun

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Author's Notes

  1. Using the vernacular for a Kagomine ambassador, which is more than a little disrespectful.

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