Large port facilities, mostly used for commercial shipping and oyster culture.


The oyster industry presence in Kimagure is strong


Centred on a bowl-like harbour, the city is built and divided into rings and quarters, the rings are concentric and form a hierarchy of both primary and seniority.  The quarters then divide each ring into four quarters.  The first ring's dockside also known as the waterfront is an odd mix of prestigious dwellings, especially in the Esper Quarter, and slums where hyperviolent gang warfare leaves many widowed, orphaned or just dead, in the others, especially the gangster quarter, the name dating back to the founding of the city, and used to be less... on the nose..


Centered around Orange Blossom Bay's bowl-shaped natural harbour, the city extends out in terraced near-circular steps outwards.  Each large "step" is divided into quarters, each quarter is characterized by its people.  Originally a town of immigrants on an island whose famous for its melting pot nature, diversity is everywhere in Kimagure, but the four inner quarters date back to the founding of the city and are not named for the exotic heritage of its inhabitants, but their magical pedigree.  Indeed, the Esper Quarter, the Priestess Quarter, the Gangster Quarter and the WildCards quarter each refer to a group that influenced the legend of the founding of the city.  Older than Kagomei as a nation, this legend refers to a disaffected city nobleman whose attempts at preventing bribery landed in hot water, caught between two powerful women, whose fight-by-proxies left what was then then-outer quarters dipped in blood(Kimagure then had two rings of four quarters, it now has six).  The sixth ring is now almost 80% orange orchards, 10% Tcha plantations, with the odd sheep grazing mixed in, who trades manure, whose used as a fertilizer for both Tcha and Oranges.
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