Great Kagome, empire of

"Welcome, Legendary Venatori."   "Meihomei. As usual, you are a delight."   "Flattery will get you nothing you haven't earned, Immy."   He slid his tongue brazenly across the closest of her earlobes, making her shriek. "You haven't earned that either!"   "Oh, I know, but you're going to make my life miserable anyway, I might as well get some enjoyment out of my torment."   "Careful you don't end up making my decision for me."   "Thank you, this water, it's very sweet."   "It's from the ancestral spring."   "You have your own spring on the grounds?  Oh, of course, you do."   "Of course I do, it's what let Innu Yesugai meet Kagome, the original, the first Kagome.  Without it, there wouldn't be an imperial family.  The spring and the well that taps it."   "So it's documented, where they met?"   "Their diaries say that's where it happened,Love at first soultouch on both their parts too, apparently."   "They soul touched?"   "Innu came to the well to tend to his wounds, and lo and behold, there was a priestess, only, she wasn't convinced he deserved healing."   "And then what happened?"   "I'm surprised you don't know the story, it was thought in school in my day.  Innu said she was a lousy priestess, and that she should heal anyone in need.  She replied back he looked like a murderer, covered in the blood of his victims.  He replied that it was the blood of his enemies, who had attacked first.  Then she started asking whose side he was on..."   "Go on..."   "He said he was on the side of people not attacking a civilian town by surprise, and that he would punish those that did."   "I bet she liked that."   "Of course she did, attacking civilians was against the customs of war even for the warlords of the time."
"So you've been to Kagomei, , what did you think?


The Meihomei, the ruler, holds absolute power, held only in check that certain people must execute her power(for instance, taxes are perceived at a lower level, and contributed back up, collecting, but not versing up taxes is a common protest). Additionally, some higher-ranking nobles form a Regency council. Started when a child Meihomei came to the throne, loophole abuse allowed it to be turned permanent. Allowing a veto of some of Meihomei's decisions, mostly about the noble class, the inheritability of Meihomei status, and the conduct of Bameimeis(crown-princes and princesses) Nobles in order, see:


Their culture emphasizes fairness and harmony, but to them, fairness punishes the individual only in extreme circumstances,

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Public Agenda

Kagomei is considered to be a constitutional Monarchy, with limited checks and balances on a Monarch, but still vast autocratic power.


Largest Navy on Arndt, largest contingent of magic-integrated military forces on Arndt as well. Holds 95% of its own small-continent-sized island(the whole island is 2000000km2, so Indonesia-sized, but one single island, heart-shaped), with one tiny island conquered off Moniq to claim the "Empire" moniker.

Demography and Population

A bit over 100 million people, spread over just under a million square kilometers on an heart-shaped island.  At least 50 million people live in the largest cities: Megamisama, Kimagure, Veneer, Byzance, Innu, Lavali.

Foreign Relations

Kagomei was started as a bit of an upstart on the world stage, isolated by its more powerful neighbour Moniq and often desperate for allies.  This however, led the Kagomine to become friendly and affable, working their new allies quite effectively in times of crisis.

Descended from heroes, eyes lowered for no one


  • Kagomei, and Island of Seylon

0 AK - 1101 AK

Geopolitical, Empire
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Monarchy, Crowned Republic
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Feudal state
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Kagomine Judiciary Branch
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Kagomine Executive Branch
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