Abendeen, free city of

"Welcome to Abendeen, distinguished visitor, can I see your passport hologram?"   "One moment." Triggering the jade bank, he let himself be identified...   "A diplomatic visa?"   "I am accredited, second naval secretary of the embassy of Kagomei."   "Distinguished visitor, you will need to check in with your Embassy before nightfall."   "I will, I am expected for dinner, mother would be unhappy."   ...   "Who was that kid?"   "Seriously? The mother didn't tip you off? That's the fourth in line in their succession, Na-Na-Domei of Garay, as they call him by their custom."   "Na-na, don't sound like their making fun of him to you?"   "Yeah, kinda, but that's why, each na is more dimininutive, so the more 'na' the less powerful you are. Except a Domei starts at a hundred thousand people, and Garay's both the largest Domei and one of the most prestigious."   "So what?"   "Well, 'his mother' is literally the second in command of all Kagomei, 'nameihomei'."   "There's that na, again."   "Yeah, na, as in nearly... nearly-high-above-highs, neary-ruler... think about it..."
Geopolitical, City-state
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Controlled Territories


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