Hoggarth Prison (HOH-garth)

"Your crimes are of the most heinous nature, and you show no remorse. Therefore, as adjudicator for Lawcrane in the Kingdom of Orsholon, I will show no remorse, nor mercy in your sentence.   By the authority vested in me by the Royal Crown, I hereby sentence you to spend the remainder of your life in Hoggarth Prison. May the gods have mercy on you, for no man will."
— Senior Adjudicator, Lawcrane Criminal Court.
  Located on the Hoggarth Island, a barrier island just offshore from the port of Lawcrane.

Purpose / Function

Hoggarth Prison is a final holding place for criminals that are violent and beyond rehabilitation. While there are few in the prison, that likely has more to do with life expectancy once within the prison. It is not just a place of imprisonment. It is a place of torment, pain and suffering.   Prisoners sent here are not sent to live out their days. They are sent here to regret that they live another day.


The prison was initially a workhouse, where petty criminals were sent to pay for their crimes. But after some time, more heinous criminals began being sent there. This created, however, a much bigger problem - the more vicious inmates began organizing and taking over control of the other inmates. This resulted in a riot that took 12 days to quell. Much of the original prison was destroyed. During rebuilding, it was decided that the prison need to be much more harsh if it was to be considered a deterrent to crime.   Added in the reconstruction were interrogation rooms, although many would refer to these more as torture rooms. Individual cells were built that exposed the inmates to constant sun, direct exposure to the elements, or total darkness. The walls of each cell were built incredibly thick to dampen sounds. Meals were passed through small metal hatches at the bottom of the doors.


The Terminal is a collection of buildings made or large stone blocks. The main building, where adminstration offices and guard barracks are located, is a low building detached from the main prison. The main prison has high walls with just one portcullis protected gate to go in or out. The cells are built into the walls and floor of the prison, with a tall tower in the middle used for additional "treatment" of prisoners.


The prison is named after Thaddeus Hoggarth, the Senior Adjudicator at the time of its contruction. Hoggarth was known as a no-nonsense, hard-nosed judge who delivered harsh sentences to those who deserved them. The initial workhouse was designed to punish criminals through work, something for which Hoggarth was a proponent. And the prison remained a workhouse until 946 BTG, when the riot occurred.   The destruction of the riot, and the effect on the general populace of Lawcrane led to a desire to see the prison made more harsh, more of a punishment. King Tendale Torgaro also felt that the prison needed to be much more harsh, and funded the reconstruction. The final construction of the prison was completed in 939 BTG and began being populated shortly thereafter.   Among the most notorious residents have been Fal Alathic, the serial killer who used his victimes teeth for jewelry; Cephur Odo, who tried to lead an uprising against the Royal Family of Orsholon; and Bafon the Vile, who was infamous in Lawcrane for his running of the Calaun crime syndicate.
All Images created BY Kahuna the Elder, with source materials from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Artbreeder and public domain sources.
Founding Date
1123 BTG
Alternative Names
The Terminal
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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