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The Duranni (singular, Dura) are divine spirits created by Tólivar-Shûl to give form to his will and to watch over and care for Arn in his name. They are divided into the Cuenar and the Nessar.   There are twelve Cuenar, who are the greater Duranni, and who entered into Chreösánthunine at the beginning of Time. Tólivar-Shûl created Cimril Arnoth through the toil of the Cuenar. And, after they fashioned the world according to his will, the Cuenar descended to Arn. There, they assumed the roles of caretakers and teachers of the new creation, and defenders against the malice of Ahriman.   The Cuenar were, themselves, assisted by the Nessar, who are the lesser Duranni. An individual Nessa generally serves a particular Cuena, but a Cuena may have many Nessar. The Nessar are more numerous than the Cuenar and, though much less powerful, are powerful still.

Basic Information


Duranni are beings of spirit but they may take any physical form they choose. On Arn, they most commonly appear as exceptionally-tall elves or sometimes as giant elves with supernatural raiment or features that match their spheres of influence, interest or areas of skill.   Nessar more commonly appear as elves than as giants so as to more easily move among, and relate directly to, the beings of Arn, though there is typically some aspect to them that belies their divine or spirit nature.   If desired, however, all Duranni can shed their mortal forms and move about the world as spirits. They can choose to move about unseen or to selectively reveal their spirit form to inhabitants of Arn. The sight of a Dura in its spirit form is awe-inspiring and it can cause a shock to the system of a mortal creature.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As a whole, Duranni have senses superior to all corporeal beings, but after entering Arn, their senses have dulled so that, while they are great, they are not infinite. Different Duranni have different levels of perception, according to their spheres of influence, interest, or areas of skill.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Several of the Lords and Queens of the Cuenar are paired in relationships with each other. There are also legends of one or more Nessar who chose to enter relationships with Elves or Men.
Genetic Descendants
Divine Spirits
The Duranni are mostly a "reskinning" of the Ainur (the Valar and the Maiar), created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his voluminous stories about Middle-Earth.

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