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Birthing ceremonies

The birth of a newborn is a celebration for all, with each nation having their own traditions for each.   In Tel-Dah-Kah, the newly liberated people take great joy and pride in the births of their children. Throughout the time of their bondage they would have to face the possible horror of their child torn from their arms and sold to someone far away. Now that they no longer have this fear they celebrate their children whenever they enter the world. In any small community a childbirth is celebrated for a whole week, where the whole town gets together and showers the family with feast so that they do not have to work with their newborn. In large towns and cities there is still a celebration in the neighborhood, a large block party will be thrown in the newborns honor, however the direct neighbors are expected to help with household duties while the parents of the baby get things together through the course of the first month of the child's life.    In Sylabor, the nation rich in the bounty of the Almighty One, elven children born here are anointed in the towns central font of water. Each fountain has an amethyst crystal impeded in the head of it, blessing the waters and connecting the child to the Almighty One. The larger the city the greater the fountain, with the holy city being a direct connection to the waters where all the blessed water flows from. Each family is expected to put a donation into the fonts, it being said that the greater the donation given to the One the more the One will provide to the child.   In Margravia, celebrations tend to be more personal. Some people take inspiration from the traditions of the elves and amniote their child in a local church, but wide celebrations tend to be a quiet affair. In the capital city of Behemoth this is even more so due to the relentlessness of the city as a whole. Those who can afford to throw lavish celebrations do, but most forgo this. Others follow the traditions of other nations and subscribe to those beliefs.   Celtigian traditions for births vary from island to island, but the stars are deeply connected commonality between each. Most captains have a navigator in their employ and every town has services to hire them out if need be. A couple will go to one of these places, or to a captain they trust, and ask to have the stars be looked upon and interpreted on the first night of the child's birth. These people will look up and see which constellation shines brightest at the time, or which one can be seen without any cloud cover, and whatever one is seen will determine a newborns life. If it is a cloudy night though it usually mean that the child will have to find their own way, and if a child is born on the night of a storm they will face great adversity.   In the dwarven halls of the Patrosians, a new child is seen as great form of crafting. During this time it is expected that each family member of a clan spend time on creating a gift that the child could use once older, in any walk of life. After the first year of the newborns life, each gift is laid out in front of the child, and whichever they choose first will determine their future passions and ambitions.

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