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Disclaimer I do not own the characters from Detective Conan/Case closed This is an AU fanfiction that spins off of Detective Conan and Magic Kaito 1412.

With that out of the way.


Welcome new traveler to Arkeius!

The inter-dimensional station that connects all types of worlds and races together. Traveling is easy, just jump onto your desired transportation and they will go through the portals to your desired dimension and city in no time.

Want to work in another dimension but can't fit into their "Unaware" society without causing a panic? Not to worry! We at Arkeius corp. have what you need! The shape alterer will make the “unaware” unable to detect your shape and form, don’t let your appearance hinder you in getting your dream job!

If you are looking for a residence near the station you could apply for a residency in Arkeius city. The city is expanding little by little every day to accommodate everyone who wants to live in our grand city. And not to worry portals within the city makes it easy to travel from city block to city block!

Tickets monthly passes and Year around passes can be bought at the stations local centers and if you would like the interweb.

I hope you have a great day and stay in our lovely city!

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