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Symian Wolf

Basic Information


The look of a Dog with its four legs and paws, A pointed snout on the front of its head with ears sticking out, able to listen to all its surrounding. From a distance this is all you can see but once closer it is clear that it is a lot bigger. Around the size of a bear it's stature towering over most other beings and when fully risen up on its hied legs it can reach 8-9 feet tall. Its paws are the size of heads and can break necks with a single swipe. The most attractive feature that has made the Symian Wolf so Exotic and Rare is its silvery white skin, used to blend into the snowy landscape. Weather it is used for decoration of kept on the animal as an exotic pet, the Symian Wolf is very desirable.

Growth Rate & Stages

With a large intake of meat as a pup can speed up the growth process dramatically, reaching adulthood in three to five years. As a pup they require a mother to constantly tend to.

Ecology and Habitats

In the deepest part of winter the Symian wolf will often bury itself in the snow and pounce of passing pray. The intelligence of this creature means that it can shake frozen birds down from trees and spot traps very easily.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Eating mainly meat of large animals but will eat almost anything it can.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

An amazing sense of smell and hearing, the wolf can track any animal from hundreds of meters away and it;s paws can leave no trace. It can understand the difference between good and bad magic, and good and evil people very well.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Casym Iperus Strabellus
Adapted from a common house dog being set free in the Snowy North.
Conservation Status
Currently the species is very populus in the continents up north but here in Arkala only a few dozen remain.

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