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Commander Vista Murrow

Commander (a.k.a. The Rising Eclipse)

  • Vista is an old school night and has been in the army most of his life, from the age of Jasper Nox.
  • He was born in a high class family, but he joined the army despite the fact he didn't need to.
  • He excelled in the army and soared through the ranks, even becoming an Arch-Mage.
  • He was put in charge of people at a young age, and fought in Katerina at several points.
  • he doesn't hate Katerina, but he does hate how so many soldiers and good men died there, leading him to be very against Midnus. May be racist?
  • He's a legend in the Midnus army, known as a great warrior, Mage, and leader.
  • He had a reputation of doing impossible jobs, and is considered one of the armies best assets.
  • A good part into his career, a girl joined the army and reminded him of himself, and that girl was Sophie.
  • They two became close, with her introducing him to Joanna and he even gave her advice from time to time.
  • He took her under his wing, training her natural talents, and he was proud watching her race through the ranks. He was even there when she passed the Arch-Mage exam.
  • Eventually, the war started to heat up, and Sophie was chosen to lead a group of soldiers directly under Vista, invading Katerina.
  • She went inland to accomplish a mission, but she ended up separated from her, and Vista had no idea if she was alive or not, and he was forced to leave her behind.
  • He continued with the mission, unaware that Sophie is trying to track him down so he can stop the invasion. She fails and isn't able to reach him in time, and the Burning Beach was the result. This incident left him hating Katerina for how his men suffered, forcing him to retreat back to Midnus.
  • After going home he tells Joanna about Sophie's apparent death/MIA status, breaking her heart. He then went to the Council, waiting for orders.
  • While there, the Violet Fox Guild showed up with Sophie and Melody. He was happy at first, but when he found out that she was on Katerina's side. Then, when the Fox Rebellion started, the two of them fought.
  • Sophie beats him, making her look even worse to the soldiers that were watching. Everyone in the army loves Vista, and nobody liked watching him get hurt.
  • At the end of the Fox Rebellion, even though the Guild won, he kicked her out of the army, which she was glad about.
  • He still loved Sophie, but hated that she sided with Katerina. He never wanted to see her again, even though it broke his heart, and she agreed.
  • Between then and the Wolf Raid, he became the Commander, and the second in command under the Seat of Military, Pietro.
  • After the assassination of Flowers Queen and King, things started moving quickly and the Council stationed him and his forces in the Bloody Field. They were right across from the Flowers army, both of them waiting for orders to attack.
  • One day, Sophie showed up with Camilla of the Dancing Blades and Melody the Wolf Queen. They asked him for safe passage to the other side of the Field and that they might be able to stop a war if he did.
  • When he sees her with Melody, the most wanted rouge Mage in the Realms, he can't trust her. He and his forces fight them and capture them, shipping the girls off to the Capital city of Midnus.
  • After some time, the Council travel to Flowers on a diplomatic mission hoping to avoid all out war. Vista accompanies them with some of his troops, acting as a body guard.
  • Eventually, a fight breaks out and Zairadin is announced as a traitor and he's forced to fight the Eternal Choir with Sophie.
  • The two of them talk and reach some kind of an understanding, with him apologizing and admitting he treated her wrong. She may not forgive him, but they're a little better now.
  • After this Vista and Lorelei form a truce, and unofficially agree to follow Melody, both of them wanting to take down Finch.

Physical Description

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