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WorldEmber 2020 Pledge

I, AP of Arinthel, of sound heart and mind and of my own independent will, do solemnly pledge to partake in the month long challenge known as World Ember. I swear to meet the minimum of writing ten thousand words while maintaining good health, both mental and physical. In the event that the previous month long challenge known as NaNoWriMo causes a burn out or poor health, I acknowledge my own mortal limitations and permit my future self to take it upon herself to meet whatever means necessary to fulfil this pledge to the best of her abilities.
  All jokes aside, I do intend to do what I can throughout the month of WorldEmber. Arinthel is still a baby world, a mere spark of an ember ready to light up the great forge. With that in mind, this page will aim to be a focus for not only WorldEmber but for the many months (and hopefully years) of worldbuilding that will follow.  


  In keeping with the WorldEmber goal, I hope to reach the 10k words as a minimum. Alongside these words I would also like to get back to some mapping and work on character designs. Since Arinthel is roughly as large as our Earth, there is a lot that can be mapped and many, many characters. To keep the dreaded worldbuilders disease at bay, I will use the story from NaNoWriMo to guide my focus, expanding upon the characters and places mentioned there as well as others that have already been mentioned in other articles.   The below table is a collection of articles and artwork from which I will aim to work on throughout WorldEmber and beyond. The starred (*) concepts are the ones I consider to be most difficult and most time consuming, therefore my goal is to simply start chipping away at them rather than start and finish them within the month.  
  In some cases, there are links added but the tasks have not been ticked off - this is because the article is a work towards the overall goal, but I have not considered the goal itself as completed.

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Cover image: by Almos Bechtold


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13 Nov, 2020 13:06

Awesome ideas! Good luck in your progress for WorldEmber :D

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13 Nov, 2020 13:09

Thanks TJ! Not gonna lie, I'm already feeling slightly anxious about it, but also excited! So much to do!

13 Nov, 2020 14:40

I'm loving the oath at the start.   You can do it, AP!

Heffé, worldbuilder of The Hefflings
13 Nov, 2020 15:03

Haha thanks! It was fun to write. Thanks Heffe!