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Welcome, friend, to Arinthel!   Come on in and take a seat, for here you are our most privileged of guests. Would you like a cup of tea? Or maybe something a little stronger? I believe we have some honey mead around here somewhere... Ah, here we go! Now then, settle yourself by the fire over there and let me introduce you to the world of Arinthel.   Formed by the great All-Mother, Arinthilia, and crafted by her children, Arinthel is a world of peace and tranquillity. There was a time of fiery battles and bloodshed, but you are coming into it in a time beyond the Last War. Dangers still lurk in the wild places, so if you are looking for adventure then you shall be sure to find it.   Those who call Arinthel home are rather different from your mighty self. The folk here are of the feathered, furred and scaled kind. If you choose to stay and explore the land, you will meet all sorts of colourful characters and stories. These stories are best told by the Travellers of Arinthel. Much like yourself, they have left their homes and lands to explore and journey through the lands of Arinthel, learning about cultures, sharing stories and experiences with us all.   There is much to explore and I don't wish to keep you here too long. So all that is left to me is to say that we are humbled and honoured by your presence, dear friend, and I bid you a very warm welcome as you watch the world unfold before you.