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Azcul capital

The capital of the United Azcul empire. Even today the grand city stands, new discoveries found within at a near weekly basis.


The captial had around 3 million high class citizens, 5.7 million low class citizens, and 4 mid class citizens.


The city is ruled by what the texts found inside the city call a high seer, a high born noble skilled in science and statistics. The city also was the ruling seat of the vast empire's rulers, the Alino Dynasty.


3 giant walls surrounded the city, each with ancient towers and strange armaments opon them as well. Each wall is around 210 metters thick, and the gates of each wall had heavily renforced steel walls, which would've been impressive in thier prime. 45 barracks and guard wards have currently been discovered, each with rusted but valuable weaponry from the Azcul empire.

Industry & Trade

SSince this is the capital city of the Azcul, it played a major role in thier economy. Several warrens found still had worn fabrics and long dead merchants at the stalls. The discovery of several ancient ships at the bottom of the local sea also led to the discovery of thesome illegal docks, well hidden from onlookers which let scholars spy into what would have been considered illegal for the Azculs.


The infrastructure of the grand city is considered a technological and engineering marvel as the giant city was built in levels, with around 3 levels of the speculated 45 levels. The deepest pits and highest towers still yet to be expolored however, as many creatures roam the city halls or explorers need to pick away at rubble.


Most of the city is made of stone, and is considered maze like by many. Much of the residential housings show the Azgul having a love of placing plants and pictures of forests in their homes, likely a diversion of their clustered lives.


The giant city has covered up a vast majority of the land it covers in shear stone and wood. The city is connected to several large rivers, 2 in which seemed to have been used as a means to send trash into the sea.

Became a ruim in the last years of the Azcul speices

Alternative Name(s)
The old city
At its height it held 12.7 million Azculs

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