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The Era of Blood and Bile

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There are those whose words become stories, whose deeds become legends, and whose actions irrevocably change the world. These individuals are known as Icons, named both for their impact and the mark the universe bestows upon their palm. With their guiding hand, history moves forward, progress is made, and humanity moves ever closer to the future.   Three hundred years ago, a cataclysmic event scarred the sky and unleashed violent, mysterious spirits known as the Fallen. Five new Icons rose to defend humanity against the oncoming horde: Reagan, the Icon of Judgement, whose thunderous fury shook the mountains themselves, Valia, the Icon of Forgiveness, whose heart helped guide the lost through the darkest of times, Aria, the Icon of Rebirth, whose mystical flames scorched the evil and protected the innocent, Emile, the Icon of Death, whose dark heart could obliterate a soul with just a touch, and Caelis, the Icon of Life, whose endless succor could restore even the gravest of injuries.   With new heroes to defend humanity, the Fallen were almost on the brink of annihilation. But on that fateful day, Emile drew his cursed blade and used it to slay his love, Caelis, in cold blood. A great battle then ensued between Emile and the remaining Icons, and at last, the betrayer Icon was slain. Now the Fallen continue to swarm the earth, growing in ever-increasing numbers. The mortal nations struggle to resist the dark forces that swarm the world, as well as the crumbling of diplomatic relations. Now the world must change without Icons to guide them, and only time will tell if humanity has built something that will last or simply the illusion of permanence.

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