The Royal Corsair

'The Royal Corsair' is a privateering ship captained by Artemisia Morgan. This was the vessel Safina traveled on during the majority of his search for Balefire. The captain and Safina mostly got along, however they came to heads when Safina refused to fight unless it was in self-defense. Safina made up for it when he proved to be a skilled navigator and deckhand as his favorite spots were up in the crows-nest or in Artemisia's cabin looking at navigational maps.


The use of various sails for wind-power, however there are 30 oars set below the upper deck which could propel the ship in the absence of a favorable wind.

Weapons & Armament

4 small swivel ballistas, battering ram on the bow, and 4 magical cannons below deck

Communication Tools & Systems

During the day communication can be made via signal flags. At night lanterns can be used to relay messages via the position on the ship that they are hung. Additionally if the lights are covered/uncovered to create messages via flashes. This is all on top of the use of bells.

Hangars & docked vessels

One dinghy is used to go in and out of ports should the ship not be able to dock directly with a pier.

The Royal Corsair
Used by
Artemisia Morgan
135 feet
40 feet
75 feet
250 tons
Fastest recorded speed was 14 knots with favorable winds
30-40 men


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