Sundew Sickness

A magical disease which pulls the positive energy out of a person. This causes accelerated aging in the affected person.

Transmission & Vectors

It is transmitted through contact. There are a number of creatures, plants, and minerals that are carriers for the affliction.


A creature may scratch or puncture the host's body to start the infection. Plants often have barbs or thorny vines that transmit the infection. There are even cases of jagged minerals that start the affliction on the skin.


People afflicted with the sickness age faster as the energy is released in a consumable form. Their energy is being digested.


Elves of Elohim have bracelets that hold the disease at bay once afflicted. The city itself is protected by strong magic that both attracts hungry creatures and zaps them like a bug zapper.


The person will eventually die of old age, a natural cause that does not allow resurrection.

Hosts & Carriers

A fair number of creatures from Western Arhor'ha


Prior to being affected, bracelets can keep any new or existing afflictions from grabbing hold of the host and causing aging to occur.


The affliction started years ago when dragons began to disappear from Western Arhor'ha. People attribute their disappearance and the affliction as a curse placed on the land for hunting them.



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