Return from Spral-Charir-Orizoh

The elves would interrogate the three that had entered the gate for what seemed like hours. They would question the Great Club that Syn had acquired and eventually send her out of the church.     Syn steps out from behind the altar of the church. It is empty and quiet with nothing but the sound of her boots stepping across the cold stone floor. The morning sun glistens in through stained-glass windows leaving splatters of color that hit across the adjacent walls. She pauses, taking in a heavy breath of air before exhaling. Glancing behind to see if the others were released yet and with a momentary silence, she turns back and heads to the front doors. Pushing them open and squinting at the setting sun that casts rays between the rundown buildings.     Her solitude would be quickly interrupted by the towering warforged that one could assume has waited there this entire time. “Hey.” She says, tossing a lack luster wave in his direction. “The others should be out soon.” She plops down on the stairs, adjusting the new Great Club on her back.   Roya opens the door slowly and peaks out from behind the the massive church doors. Looking around until she spots familiar faces. Putting Tinyfang on the ground she props the door open and rushes out. Coming down the steps"Ford your wait for us! Your so sweet sometimes!" She awkwardly imbraces the metal man for a moment then turns to check on her cargo. Inching slowly down the stairs is a disk covered in a thick burlap sheet. To Ford " we were able to help people! Also able to get some valuable stuff too" Pausing Looking to Syn "How are you feeling Syn? I'm glad we were able to get out of there safely." Taking a seat next to Syn Roya waits for patiently as the disk makes its way to her side.   Syn shifts slightly, looking back to see Roya walking down the stone stairs and giving Ford a hug. She places her elbows on her knees and leans the tip of her chin into her own palms. “How I am feeling?” She slowly repeats back Roya’s question pondering on the thought for a moment before the corners of her mouth curl into a menacing grin behind her hands. “Fantastic.” She says out loud to her. “Look what I left the gate with. Its even better than my previous great club. Bigger too. More surface area to crack skulls with…” She draws that last comment out longer than one should, glaring at the little half-orc. “And you? …You seem…bubbly as usual.” Her eyes shift next to herself as the floating platter drifts slowly down the stairs. “Ah, that. Right. Forgot that’s I thing that happened.”   Alexa steps out of the church after a long interrogation, something she's gotten used to at this point. Seeing Ford, Roya, and Syn outside, she looks to Roya "So how do you feel about your first experience with Gig and the gate?" Meanwhile in her peripheral keeping an eye on Syn and her new club.   A look of disgust comes over her face atbthe mentioned of Gig. She decides to let her expression speak for it's self. "I'm really glad I got to meet Ash! They we're so cool! As for the gate I'm excited to go back again once I get some rest" at this point the look of disgust has faded and has been replaced by tiredness. "Ms.Stone do you have any idea some place in the city we can go that is more secure then the abandoned houses we have been staying at?" Looking to the disk as it finally catches up to her.   Observing Roya's reaction, Alexa nods her head, "Of course, there is the house that was given to us for successfully completing the gate, It's over there past the long alleyway" She points to the west, where a row of pristine houses peek above the dirty disheveled buildings closer to them. "And on the plus side, it looks like I'll be able to get your crystals sooner than expected."   "Well that's great we should probably all...." She trails off as the last part of Alexa's statement sinks in. Jumping to her feet with a start. "How fast do you think you can get them here!" Glaceing at both Tinyfang on the ground and Ford to her side she then looks back at Alexa. "I'll help you with whatever you need to expedite the process!" She says all this with a brand new intensity that seems to wipe away any tiredness that may have been on her face.   Alexa seems put aback by the sudden excitement, "Unfortunately it's nothing on my end I can do to expedite the process, it all depends on my connections and how fast they can move. Having the funds makes it significantly easier however." A brief pause. "3 stones is alot, we saw first hand what 1 stone can do. You mentioned a stone was for Ford, who are the others for? Are we to expect another large battle for the process to succeed?"   Alexa can clearly see Royas excitement level out as listens to her. As Alexa raises the question. "The other stones are for myself and Trash. I have a strong suspicion that those stones might be able to finally Provide me a solution to the goal I've been working towards" looking down and picking up Tinyfang before meeting Alexa's eyes again "for years now. As for Trash we hope that the stone will stabilize his family. As for what will happen when we help our loved ones I'm not sure. I have a pretty good idea of what I will need to the unbidding...Ill brife you fully once I have done some more reading." Smiling softly "Thank you Alexa"   Syn sits in silence as Alexa steps out from the church, beginning conversation with Roya. She continues to rest her elbows on the tops of her knees as she listens before abruptly interrupting. “Hopefully it doesn’t involve digging.” She sneers in Roya’s direction. Syn’s arms drop from her knees and she leans back, kicking her legs out in front of her and leaning onto her arms. “Besides, once you get the stones in hand, the collateral is complete. Which means we’re all free to do whatever.” Dark red eyes shift to the warforged then back down to Roya. “Unless you are planning to stay?”   Tilting her head she takes her eyes of of Alexa and looks down at the sneering devil. "I have no intention of leaving. " Looking around at the authoritarian hell state they are trapped in. "Not that I have a lot of choice in the matter. No matter the current leadership it is nice to be in a city again."   Alexa listens as Roya mentions staying around. "Not that I'm unhappy that you'll be staying, you and Ford seem to have a close bond here, but surely you had other goals before coming across us?"   Looking up to make eye contact with Ford before addressing Alexa. "Not particularly. The terminal diagnosis for Ford shifted a lot of our priorities. We were just trying to deal with one crisis at a time." Addressing everyone. "That being said things may have changed and I can only speak for myself. Those crystals will go a long way to help with my goals." Pausing "it's getting late shall we head to this safe house?"   The sun fades behind the run-down houses. The voices tucked away in their own conversation reach her ears in a muffle as she stares blankly out towards the sky. Syn’s quiet, strangely so as she ponders many things that trouble her thoughts.     The last ray of sunlight hits across her face and she squints, bringing her attention back to the party. “Sounds…reassuring.” She says in reply to Roya and the crystal. “And before curious eyes of the people here take interest in your….” She looks to the floating disk that holds an ungodly number of rubies. “Ah..yeah lets just get this out of the street.” She pulls her legs in, pushing herself up and standing to look at the others. “To our house.” She grins tossing a wave to have everyone follow her as she cuts through the party and strides in the direction of the house which was gifted to Alexa and Syn for completing the first gate. Her eyes glance to Alexa briefly and in passing she speaks out to her. “And BOY! Do I have some questions for you Alexa.”     Syn opens the door and heads inside without a care to hold the door open for the others. She stumbles around before striking flint from her pouch and lighting the wood within the stone fireplace. The flames catch and begin to crackle, illuminating just the fireplace then growing. Soft yellow light begins to touch the corners of the room before she stands and turns to catch the others coming through.   As the yellow light touches the corners of the room with its soft warmth, a portion of the light reflects back to Syn from the surface of a white bundle of hair. Sitting in a chair propped up next to the fireplace in the darkness, Gabriel rests comfortably with both eyes closed and his blue blanket covering his body, leaving only his neck and head exposed. Without opening an eye, he says," I was wondering when you guys would be back. Did something happen?"   Following Syn into the house, she also keeps an eye on Tiny Fang. With what they had to go through for Kravor, it seems strange that a smaller creature may have the same issue... But that's more questions for Roya, they have to be safe.     Sitting down at the table, she looks over to Gabriel, "I'll leave that to Syn to explain. It was very... Eventful " shifting her glance over to Syn and the floating disk. "What are your questions anyway, Syn? I'll answer to the best of my ability."   Syn’s head turns ever so slightly, catching the white hair from the corner of the room as the light from the fire illuminates it. Blinking and seeing Gabriel rest under a blanket in a chair. “Ooh…Gabriel, you’re…aliv---- awake.” She turns to watch the others walk inside and find places to sit and relax. Watching Alexa take a seat at the main table she joins her, pulling out a chair next to her, spinning it around and plopping down to stare uncomfortably close towards her. “I’ll get to that in a second Gabriel.” She says without breaking gaze from Alexa. “But you……” She trails off staring, staring, staring almost into her soul. “The way he spoke to you in the gate. Like you’ve had a previous conversation, or am I wrong to think that?” She tilts her head to the side in question. “I may not be the brightest person in this room, but I have also been around you for quite some time now. There is something troubling you and that anger….It seems even more directed to Gig.” She doesn’t blink. “More so than before, why is that?”   Alexa seems unphased by Syn's soul stare, as if she's had many people look at her that way before... It's all part of the job. "Yes, I've talked with him before. After Kravors ritual I was alone. Gig seems to thrive in times when he can get you alone. He implied... He made it seem as if no matter where I am he is always watching. Always waiting."   “HA! I knew it.” She rocks the chair as she shouts. As the legs fall to the floor, she tucks her head down slightly behind the back of it. Red eyes glisten upwards to Alexa. “I mean, he’s not wrong.” She says casually. “Just look at the gate. He’s been there in some shape or form every time we’ve gone…but, waiting?” She pokes up from behind the back of the chair. “Waiting for what?”   "A mistake, or weakness.. an opportunity through you. I don't know. It's just a feeling I can't shake." Her back stiffens, Gigs red eyes glowing again in the back of her mind   “Hrm…” Syn shifts slightly in her chair. “And which part of that actually scares you? The one that Gig say’s hes always watching? Or the one where you admit to making a mistake somewhere down the line? She stretches her arms up into the air before bringing them back down. “Nobody is perfect, and the world is full of shit people, like Gig. These shit people are going to exploit your weaknesses, your mistakes. Lets face it, we all make mistakes no matter how---” She pokes Alexa’s cheek. “Perfect we try to be.” She holds her finger against Alexa’s cheek as she continues talking. “Its about showing those fuckers that your weaknesses or your mistakes won’t hold you down, that you keep getting back up no matter how hard they try to break you…. ”   She doesn't flinch as Syn pokes her cheek; a habit of Syn's that she's adjusted to. "I know I'm not perfect, but I can't help but feel that there's something more. I just wonder if he wants to collect me like he did you .. and to what lengths he'll go." She looks into Syn's eyes, a glint behind them, fear .. concern.. excitement? It's hard to tell. "He just fills me with this feeling that he is inevitable."   Syn’s hand drops and she quickly recoils. “Collect me? He didn’t collect me. I made the choice.” She says sharply to Alexa’s comment. “But regardless, whatever the strings of fate have laid out, we’ll figure it out as we’ve always done, even if Gig is pulling on them.” Her red eyes narrow as her voice trails off before turning to look at Gabriel then back to Alexa. “And look at that, he’s fine even if his arm did get chopped off by Gig’s scythe. See? Everything is fine.”   Gabriel's face goes slack at the mention of Gig's scythe. His cheeks rise and fall in rhythm with the creases on his forehead. From underneath the chair, Gabriel takes out his spell book and writes inside it. "I should've known...," he mutters with the deadpan seriousness of a tiefling banker. " How'd you guys figure out what the club truly was," he asks while looking at the new monstrous club Syn is wielding," And what's up with the new toy?"   Syn quickly turns to look towards Gabriel as he speaks. “He was there in the gate and while I took on this primal, he told Alexa he wanted his scythe back. Well, one thing lead to another and I killed the damn thing with his scythe that I was able morph back into from the sword that well…chopped your arm off. This club was given to me from Gig after the fact.”     Pushing off the chair, Syn walks over to the little white haired boy. “How is your arm doing by the way?” She doesn’t ask and just pulls the blanket away to look at his arm.   A stump. Cauterized and wrapped in bandages but still a stump. Gabriel takes a moment to soak in the swift actions of the tiefling girl. In a slow and painful display, Gabriel unwraps the bandages to give Syn a good look at his reminder to be more cautious. His pale skin is burnt around where the sword delivered a clean cut, creating a ring charred flesh around dark red muscles and singed veins.     "Just fine," he mutters staring at her intently. There is no rage behind his eyes. No emotion at all in fact. Just acceptance. Not an emotion, but it's something. "Any other burning questions," he asks with a little macabre smile, similar to a certain Devil's as he wraps his wound back up. It's never too late for a fire joke.   Syn kneels down to look at his cauterized stump of an arm. "Neat." She says casually as she looks at the freshly cauterized flesh before it's quickly wrapped back up. She stands as he cracks a rather dark joke considering. "Ha. Yeah actually." She looks at him and returns a macabre smile. " Still feel like calling him dad?"   Gabriel lets loose a hearty laugh. "You know I've been thinking about that even before this," he motions to his stump," and unless you guys want to hear my thought process on the whole matter the short answer is I'm not calling him dad. " There's a heavy certainty to his words, as if they had been carved straight from the a boulder of marble. They are not beautiful yet but the potential to be made greater is there.     He holds up his right arm in a fist bump to Syn while looking straight at Alexa. "Are we good," he asks not just for himself but to clear the air of unease that usually comes whenever Gig is mentioned.   Alexa looks to the small boy, observing his arm... the cost of making quick decisions without full research. She weighs her options of how to react, observing the 'power of friendship' vibe coming from around the room. "We're good, you are not Gig, his choices don't reflect on you as a person." She takes a moment, thinking back to their time in the gate, realizing just how much Gig knows without her even seeing him. "Irregardless, I'm glad you're making light of your situation, it makes you look tougher." A small motherly smile comes across her face   Gabriel nods, a stoic tough guy look at first before he just laughs at his own silliness but the laugh is cut short by the sharp pain of the stomp. "Ow... yeah well being tough or clever is basically a requirement nowadays. Alexa, I'm gonna be honest, something about you unsettles me. I'm not sure if it's your survival instinct or your talent for finding information, but either way you get shit done and that's something I can respect. I understand if you still have your hesitations about me, I'm a weird guy even without Gig breathing down my neck, I get that. But I want to help you. If you need anything, let me know. That includes a tidal wave, a consultant, or a joke. Whatever you need, I'll do it for you. And Arhor'ha obviously. Don't really want celestials coming down and killing people or Infernals dragging everyone down to Avernis in chains..."   She nods as Gabe pledges himself to helping herself and Arhor'ha. 'Gaining his trust was alot easier than expected, or maybe I'm just getting good at this' she thinks to herself. "Thank you for your offer, I do appreciate it, however I want to make sure you're taking care of yourself first." Something about the way the scythe hurt him doesn't feel right to her... More abnormal than should be expected from touching such a powerful item. She finds herself staring at Gabe's arm, thinking on why it was such a clean cut when she catches herself. "And I understand if I unsettle you, it's a common reaction I get once people are around me long enough. I tend to find people don't like you knowing things about them before they tell you the information." Looking back to Syn "collect was the wrong word, I just worry he will create a situation in which my only option is to make a deal with him, or that his deal with you was lined with an intention to create access to your commerades"   "Yeah, that's usually how relationships get started," Gabe chuckles before leaning back in his chair, still keeping his arm raised for that fist bump from Syn.   Syn grins and returns Gabriel’s fist bump, turning on her heels and striding over to the floating disk that conceals the large amount of rubies the party gathered from within the gate. She pulls the covering off and picks up one. “Who knows what Gig’s intentions are.” She proclaims while holding up the ruby towards the light of the fire. It sparkles a deep red that shines across her face. “From what we learned from Paulo, he needs a Breaker. That’s all I know….” She pauses and her eyes glance to Gabriel resting in the chair. “You are also a builder…Heh, so if anyone here is going to counter the dumb shit Gig does its probably you.”   Gabriel doesn't laugh this time. He stares at his stump, the book, and the jewels. He looks at the room around them, the leering shadows evoking a very familiar image in a forge of fire. He stares into the shadows, as if looking for words, before saying," I'm not so sure about that. You have the potential to break whatever he builds, Paulo can perform his best, and Alexa can have stock piles of information against him. That's one of the few things I know as true, but we are still dealing with Gig. We may remove the physical anomalies he creates, but the Builder still has his hands."     Gabriel stands up out of his chair, hobbling closer to the fire like a limping rabbit. " Building a weapon to stop another weapon doesn't get rid of the weapon. It just starts war. And when a war starts bodies start to pile. To fight an enemy, we must not only know our enemy but also what made them the way they are. I'm gonna be upfront and say I don't know shit about Gig, but it's on my bucket list along with finding out more info about the Cult of Gigareth." He looks back to Syn and Alexa, the hazel eyes taking a darker shade when surrounded by the fire. Not a perfect balance of light and shadow, but close enough. He shakes his head at his own rambling.     "Didn't mean to bum you guys out, I've just been thinking a lot lately," he stares at the ruby with a vague amusement," How much did you guys get? Better yet, what words popped up on the table thing? This could solve all of our money problems in the future if we need something."   From the floor Roya speaks ups. "You didn't bum me out Gabe. Mostly because I'm still learning what all that meant." Sitting up in her bedroll Roya continues "This haul is definitely going to solve a lot of out problems.... And possibly cause new ones" looking like a caterpillar on the floor she turns her body to address Gabe and Syn "what does it mean to mean to you personally to be a builder or breaker?"   Syn pauses and stares at the gem before shifting her eyes to meet Gabriel’s. “We know as much as Paulo gave out. As for the cult of Gigareth, I sincerely doubt Gig is just gonna tell you all the things you need to know. Actually, I feel like Gig would tell you things you didn’t need to know just to fuck with you. I wish he wouldn’t though. I made a deal and even now I have no clue what the even means to him ” Her red eyes then glance down to the little half-orc cuddled under a bed roll. “What it means to me?” Syn places the ruby back down slowly. “It makes me curious how far I can push the limits. If I can understand it…” She grabs the hilt of her Great Club. “then perhaps this is the answer I’ve been looking for in order to kill Jacob Whyte.” Her eyes narrow as if thinking back on her own words. “And...It gives me a purpose.” A silence fills the air following.   Alexa intently listens to Syn's response, and is incredibly disappointed when she hears 'to kill Jacob Whyte.' she had many talks with Syn as to why killing him won't solve anything, and it slowly sinks in that no level of talking will ever take the bloodlust from Syn. "And what then? Say you manage to kill Jacob Whyte, or Gig goes out there right now and kills him for you. You know he's fully capable. What will you do?"   Syn looks to Alexa. "Hrm.. well for starters, I never considered asking him." She sarcastically grins in her direction. "All jokes aside, It's a start. Killing him that is. I know that wont end the slave trade but knowing he's burning in Avernus is a start...It's....something." She sits back down in her chair from earlier. "I feel judged no matter what I do in your eyes......I don't know why that bothers me so much."   Alexa sighs, understanding Syn's dislike of judgement from her. "I've just seen alot. I rarely see the bloodlust you have not turn someone to a darker fate. I know it seems I'm judging you, but I'm just concerned. I can't deny the probability in front of me."   Gabriel hobbles closer to Roya as Syn and Alexa talk. He looks over at his fellow wizard for moment, a fleeting glance at what he could be. Optimistic. Hopeful. Powerful. Truly intelligent. Sympathetic without needed to swap emotions. A tinge of envy touches his mind but his shoulders move to brush it aside. He speaks to Roya to distract himself further," I uh... Being called a Builder doesn't mean anything to me. The things I've been able to do so far have been few and far between. I've mostly just been a conduit for magic and I don't feel like I ever do anything. I didn't make Crystallis like Paulo or a shape changing weapon like Gig. When I turn a piece of plate mail into wood, I just put a stone into a dead magic item. I never feel like I make anything. I just recycle what's already there."     He raises his stump to Roya," But I feel like I'm gonna have to pretty soon, ya know? I can't be armless forever, and between you and me I'd rather make it myself than have Mrs. Alcina have me grow a new one."   Raising her eyebrows Roya responds with a cheerful tone "I always feel more better when I earn something for myself." Sitting up more in her bedroll "what's your plan?" She continues "metal to wood is one thing but the creation of an are via arcane magics is a whole other beast...." Smiling " but does sound like something that someone give the title of builder would say"   Gabriel nods and looks at the locket on Roya ," Probably go into the Gate and see what I can find. I'm pretty strapped for materials to use and I'm hoping I'll find something when I go in." He rubs his hair, which by now is partially back to its full messy white bundle.     "I'm gonna need some help with it though," he returns Roya's smile with a smile of his own," Would you mind giving me a hand? I can only imagine the headache transmuting one elemental essence into another, giving form to the essence and... Well you get the picture. Magic's complicated."   Looking at Gabe with a smirk "I'll do my best to give you a hand..." Then following Gabes eyes to the pendent on around her neck then Back up to his face "I get the picture. I think we can help each other. We both have complicated tasks ahead of us." She trails off in thought "What do you think the Gate is?"   He rubs the back of his head, as if the answer is somewhere on his scalp," Hard to say. It could be a focal point for demi-planes. Depending on who goes in there, the Gate seems to lead somewhere different, but when you look at those words on the table then I it just gets more complicated. So far, I've seen each person that goes into the Gate being able to see one of the words on the table. I can assume that each person has there own word, but then that leaves a very large combination of places and we've only scratched the surface. And this is all without thinking about how Gig fits into all of this."     He shakes his head as Yorkie crawls up onto his head and scratches it for him. "I'll need to look at it more. As a gateway between planes, the applications of fascinating to say the least. I tried to understand one of the words, piece of advice don't touch them, and I only understood that one of them means "Black".... That's basically all I've got." "What do you think," he asks with a sigh and a look of relief that there's another wizard to talk to again.   Roya snaps back into her conversation with Gabe as Tinyfang currels up in her lap. "I'm not sure I believe I need to interact with it more. But I do have some questions. Why would someone need to build a gate to other planes. If someone was powerful enough to creat such a complex magical object they certainly can travel to other planes with ease." Petting Tinyfang as she speaks "My first thought would be some kind of mass transport but that does make sense since only three individuals can enter at a time. I'm not sure?" Looking up at the Gnome and his rat. "Are you able answer any of my questions?"   Gabriel stares at Roya and shakes his head in defeat. “No. I don’t have any concrete answers. If I find anything, I’ll let you know,” he mutters while Yorkie stares down at Roya as well, seemingly following the conversation.     His eyes look at Tinyfang and tries his best to hold a smile,” Um... What kind of animal is that? My grandmother had some books on animals, but I’ve never seen that one before.”   He looks over at Syn and Alexa with that childish smile, trying to put a little distraction in their conversation, and asks," Syn, Alexa have either of you seen one of these before?"   Red eyes shift from Alexa to Gabriel as he asks about Tinyfang. Leaning forward in her chair and resting her arms against the table she glances to the little creature beside Roya. “Nope, never.” She rolls her head to the side letting out a heavy sigh and closing her eyes as her head lays on her arms. “I wonder what they taste like cooked up though…”   Roya's deep violet eyes flicker quickly to look at the resting devil. "Tinyfang is a weasel. And as for your comment if you ever harm him you will quickly see my postive personally melt away." Pausing "That is a promise I Can Keep." Letting her rage pass over her like a wave Roya calms her breaths. Addressing Gabe "Weasels are fairly common where I come from. " Scratching behind Tinyfangs ear "But he does have a unique color I will give you that."   There is a wide grin that forms as she hears Roya get tuffled. "Ooh......a promise is it?" She chuckles a bit burrowing her head into her arms. "Im just use to rats and annoying imps."   Gabriel looks at his infernal friend while taking Yorkie off of his head and placing her onto his shoulder," Is something else bothering you, Red? Or is it just fatigue from going into the Gate again?" He bundles himself up in his blanket and offers Roya a pillow in order to make herself more comfortable from his little explorer's pack.   "Red?" She keeps her head burrowed in her arms against the table and chuckles at his nickname he's given her. "There are many things that bother me. This gate is just one of those things. Solus is out there...but I dont even know if she's alive or something else. I want to know more about this gate like the rest of you.... but I cant wrap my head around why she was in there to begin with and who is actually involved." She lets out another frustrated sigh. "I was so pissed at Gig thinking it was him but now I don't know if that's the case or not. If it is, you'd think I'd be more accustomed to being used."   "Well... one thing at a time I guess," he says out loud to Syn, but also himself," If Solus is out there then that's just one of those things you got to wait on, but, knowing you, that's a really annoying option. So, alternate plan, if you want to know more about why she was in there then recreate the situation you saw her in. Get the same people you got from the first time you saw her in the gate and go back in there. Anything you find, you bring back to the magic nerd, me, Roya, or Alexa and we can help you piece it together."     "As for Gig," he takes a breath as he taps his chin," You might be giving him credit in the wrong places. He's an opportunist, I think, and, for what it's worth, I'd recommend being more focused on the present. I wouldn't want you having to lose a limb before you got accustomed to Gig's violent pushes in certain directions..." "Another point, the fact you're not used to be being... well used lets me know that there's a part of you not lying down and taking this shit. It's frustrating as hell being caught up in a cycle, but it's worse when you think that's all you know or capable of...," he groans while scratching his head again," Find some way to break it. Break the use. Break the deals. Break the confusion. Just be careful when you start though. Don't want to cut a rope and have the stone fall on top of you when you only needed it a little bit lower." Gabriel gives a chuckle before looking over to see how Syn is taking the info," My grandma told me that... Funny how it stuck with me huh?"   Alexa sits back and just listens to the conversation, gathering information that is just willingly being given. Noting that Gabe didn't fully give the information that they gathered about the gate to Roya, and hearing him offer her services. There's many threads to pull, and she takes her time to decide which one. She chooses and looks to Gabe, "What materials are you hoping to find? I'm not very familiar with arm reconstruction, but so far the only things we've left with have dealt in some way or the other with souls. If Kravors situation has taught you anything, it's to be very careful with those items"   "Wait on?" She picks her head up looking across the way towards Gabriel. "She's out there some where and in some shape and form. My mistake assuming I could bring her back fully. As if I didn't hold enough guilt from the situation, knowing she could be out there and trapped from moving on? That bothers me even more and its my fault for being selfish in wanting her back." her eyes narrow and between the fire's light, there is a painful expression in her eyes. "Finding some way to break I haven't heard that one before."   He looks at Alexa, not skipping a beat after she finishes as he states," A spell or some other magical item. Not being picky. If I don't then finding some coins there could buy me a new arm."     His head turns and returns Syn's expression in kind. Pain. " There are ways to bring her back fully... There are ALWAYS ways to bring someone back fully. I'm not saying there aren't, but just from how I see the world: Is it worth it? Is it worth bringing Solus back into a world that hasn't really changed from last time. If you want to bring her back, make sure there's a reason to come back. Yeah it's selfish to want her back, who wouldn't want to go back in time and stop some one you cared about die, someone that made you feel like a person, someone that made living in shit bearable. Just me being me here, but bringing someone back into shit doesn't sound like a nice existence. SO, if you're gonna get her and you don't feel like waiting then go find her. Use what you've got, ask people, do something, MOVE! You've got yourself into a deal, use it. If something bothers you, you don't just sit and let it bother you Syn, you punch whatever is bothering you in the fucking face! It might not be immediate but eventually someone gets punched."     The gnome catches his breath through his ramblings as the pain and the fire in his own eyes simmers," Just because you wait doesn't mean you can't be doing something in the mean time. Cut down the waiting time ya know? Make something happen..."   Syn’s eyes widen when Gabriel speaks. Something about his words strike her in the chest and there is a deep-rooted pain, a deep-rooted shame that bubbles to the surface within her soul. “A reason….to come back…” She repeats his words out loud, picking her head up off her arms. “I regret not saying the things I wanted to say when she was there during the ritual…” Her eyes look around the room then return to the little gnome. “I thought If I could avenge her, if I could find strength, if I made this deal with Gig, it would be enough to show her that I am stronger now. That I could protect those I need to protect and cut the strings that Jacob Whyte has held for so long. We were his puppets and he made that clear when it was me who was forced to end her life. I suppose that is why… I decided to make this deal. Because it bothers me, and I don’t want to sit here powerless.”   The young gnome looks at his tiefling friend, his hazel eyes searching for the correct response. After a moment of silence, he goes over to Syn and places his only hand on her arm and through his touch his stream of emotions become clear. He closes his eyes and she feels empowerment, excitement, a tinge of fear, but a distinct lack of regret.     With his eyes still closed he asks,” The deal you made. Do you regret it? If there was a way to get out of it, would you take it if that meant you’d lose the power that came with it? Would you give it up for Solus?”   Roya looks up from the floor and a small smile comes across her face. She feels her eyelids growing heavy. laying down on the gifted pillow from Gabe. As she drifts off to sleep she feel a pool of jealousy well up in her mind. she thinks to herself I hope one day I'm able to help Syn like Gabe does. with this thought the fog of rest clouds her mind. Roya feels a peace as she finally falls asleep.   He touches her arm and like the before the emotions he feels channel through her. With wide eyes she looks down, burrowing her head into her own arms and allowing the spell the to return the emotion back to him. Behind a muffled voice she speaks. “I do not regret it, and if giving all this up meant giving her a chance to live, I would in a heartbeat….” Her words flow out so…dark and trail off. As though she isn’t just hinting to her strength, but to her entire self. Willing to throw it away if it meant allowing her a chance to exist. There is silence the follows, only for Gabriel to find she has fallen asleep in the chair, her head burrowed into her arms.   There is a pause to Gabriel's breath as he hears Syn's words. To see this raw side of her, to feel this earnest desire of sacrifice in a person he once thought so different from himself. He has no words left to speak. A slight sagging of his elbow drags his arm down to his side yet the motion does not stop. His shoulders, carried by the momentum of his arm, relax and dip to a posture of decline, a recession of his emotions before they flow back with a quiet sincerity. He rises on the tip of his toes and timidly kisses the top of Syn's head as he would the big sister he never had. A silent reminder to never forget her goal.     Afterwards, he gives Alexa a look of fatigue before stumbling back to the chair by the fireplace where Syn found him, wrapping himself up in his blanket, and coasting into sleep with the back of his head resting against the wall.


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