One Job

Alexa steps out of the church. Breathing a breath of fresh air, a tinge of concern still lingers in the back of her head. Everything seemed to go as planned for her... but she wasn't carrying a new sword. Was Syn able to go through unscathed as well? She looks around, the square seems to be pretty empty, noone wants to hang around where someone was just killed. Alexa's instinct tells her to retreat to herself, but curiosity leads her to the tavern. This seems to be the place the group goes to unwind, and she is curious if their plan actually worked. Walking into the tavern she chooses a table in the back. Now all she has to do is wait for the others. Through alleys and shortcuts, Gabriel tumbles his way underneath the swinging doors of the tavern. His hair has grown back considerably in the short time he's been in Nexus, with the top of his head looking like freshly cut white grass rather than the slight stubble and strands it was before. He looks over at Alexa, dusting himself off as he does, and says," Hey, Hey. They didn't get on you too hard did they" He waddles up to the table she is seated at and makes himself comfortable, pulling out a water skin to get the water nice and cold before pouring himself a cup. He also pours one for Alexa and passes it to her. The black haired Tieflings steps out of the church, reaching her arms high into the air as she stretch's out her back. She's been sitting with this damn sword holstered behind her this entire time during the questioning and being able to stand and get fresh air is very much welcome. She looks around to the empty square before casually making her way to the Tavern. Figuring it has become the hub for the party as of late. A small push on the wooden door and she steps in seeing Alexa and Gabriel at one of the tables. "Yo." She says tossing a hand up in a lack luster wave. " Neither of you are dead so that's always good." She grins, heading in and standing nearby to lean on one of the wooden supports of the tavern. "It went weirdly okay. Either that or I'm going to be killed in my sleep, who knows. What about you guys?" Alexa accepts the water from Gabe. "Thanks. The interview went essentially as I assumed, although they seemed not to pry as much as I expected which is... Concerning." Seeing Syn come in looking unscathed, Alexa feels she can breathe a little easier. "Did they give you a hard time about the sword? That's one of the variables I couldn't predict." "okay okay Ford I'll check" Roya walks in behind Syn her hair a bit messy. Walking to meet the others seh takes a seat. "I'm glad that were all together again" she say in-between the conversation between Syn and Alexa "glad that we're all okay" she takes a seat letting the conversation that processed her entery continue. Her eyes look to the door, seeing Roya and Ford walk in. "This is promising, so far no one is dead. Glad you got through it all okay Roya." Red eyes moving back to meet Alexa's. "Alexa...lemme tell you. IT WAS HORRIBLE!" She shouts overexagerating her words. She leans in close to Alexa's face. Really, uncomfortably close. "The stentch of frilly elvish perfume almost gave me a headache." She smirks before leaning up right."though no, they asked about the sword but they didn't really press the issue. In fact they didn't press much. Only strange thing they asked was who I was working for. That seemed a little odd." She nods to herself. "And you all? Everything went fine? Roya? Gabe?" The young man pours out the rest of her waterskin for Syn and Roya. "Gotta agree with Alexa on this one. It didn't feel like they pressured us as hard as they did the first time we went. I think whatever good will we got on our first few times into the Gate is gone." He looks around the room and stares suspiciously at every corner and crevice. Things haven't felt right after the execution.   "I was gonna go back out into the streets and talk people, but I wanted to check on everyone," his eyes glance to the sword," Right, Syn, I can cast Identify on the sword. Maybe learn some more information about it." Alexa sips on the water. Something keeps nagging in her mind... Their display of dominance in the square. It doesn't match up with how easy the interview was. "Hmm.." she stares into her cup. "Did they seem ok with how you got in, Roya? We may expect some backlash on the elf guard stationed to that entrance." "Well whatever the reason we've bought ourselves much needed time I suppose." Syn leans forward, reaching out to grab the drink Gabriel has poured for them all. She takes a sip then places the cup back down. "Identify?" She blinks, coming from someone that fights with a large bat, magic isn't something that she is very knowledgeable on. "I mean, so long as it's not going to cause some weird effect that could kill me, sure go ahead." She laughs. "Curious what this identify spell you speak of comes back with." She pauses "Or is this a bad idea Alexa?" Thinking over the implications of using identify, "it's not the worst idea, it would more or less confirm what the sword can do, but I have a feeling if you ask the maker you'd get more..." “I’d say…. Do it!” In a quick reaction her arm reaches up over her shoulder, grabbing the hilt and sliding the sword out across the table. She pauses though thinking over Alexa’s words. “Wait what? The maker? It fell from the Sky Alexa.” She looks at her then down to the sword. The sharp heavy blade glistens off the candlelight in the tavern. Roya looks around trying to follow the discussion. Finally speak after a long sip of her water she looks to Alexa "they didn't seem as concerned about how we got in as making sure that we knew we weren't allowed to leave. They took the map. Thanks to your work it was believable enough we just had to stick to the story." 'They took the map' something about this concerns her, but she can't put her finger on it. "I'm just glad it worked. Let's hope in the future we don't draw this much attention to ourselves again." She mulls the information around in her head.. there's so many loose threads. Regardless, this will take time to see. "So what will you guys do now? Any interest in entering the gate? Or just entertain yourselves until I can get the crystals?" "I know I want to go into the gate Ms.Stone. the elves spoke about it briefly. It seems like my ally." Looking around.then giving Alexa a classic toothy smile "And if you all go who will keep you safe?" Then looking to Syn "What is going on with this thing though?" Pointing at her weapon on the table "We're about to find out...," and with a wave of his hands the boy is wearing one inch thick lead gloves," I've made it a rule to not touch magical objects that I know are magical. Bad stuff can happen if you just pick something up. Could be a cursed obje..." One look at the sword silences the young man as he prepares to cast Identify on the sword with the gloves on. "This'll take about ten minutes." [Ten minutes pass] The identification spell starts to reveal the sword as a club, then a maul, then a rapier, then a scythe, then a sword. The gloves prove to be an insufficient protection against the item itself. There is a sharp sound that hits the room and a flash not unlike a knife going against a sharpening stone accompanied by the glint of darkened silver on moonlight. Its enough to still the entire room with a sense of terrible danger. Thud. The flow fall of Gabriel's hand and forearm, stopping at the elbow, as it detaches bloodily from his arm and hits the ground. Alexa looks over to the stump of Gabe's arm. "Shit! Does anyone know how to stop bleeding?" She takes a piece of cloth out of her bag and ties it around the arm. Screaming from the shock, Gabriel falls off of his chair and looks at the arm. "HEALING POTION," he yells out and frantically is checking for his healing potion," THERE'S A HEALING POTION IN MY BAG! HELP PLEASE!" Alexa fumbles through his bag, grabbing his healing potion and feeding it to him. “Oooh…” She stares at the little gnome hand that falls onto the table, the blood pooling and dripping down off the edge. There is this disturbing lack of concern as she stares curiously at the blood while the gnome shouts out in pain and Alexa stumbling around in a panic to find some form of healing. “…You know, I feel like….I should have seen this coming.” Syn slides the sword off the table, holstering it to her back once more and casually leaning over to pick up his severed arm. “What do I do with this?” She turns to look down at them, Alexa force feeding him a health potion as he fades in and out of consciousness. The bleeding slowly begins to stop as the potion is fed to the gnome. Consciousness fades away. Bleeding finally stops. You can't determine if he is now alive or dead due to your lack of medical knowledge. Roya drops to the ground her face in complete shock. She speaks weakly as she sees Gabriel lose consciousness and grabbing his hand. "We need to find help" looking to Alexa "You have been here the longest, where can he find Medical help?" "Although not ideal, our only option would be an elven doctor. Luckily we may still have some favor with them. Gabe, Syn, and I were each granted a favor. Maybe we can use Gabe's favor now." Looking to Ford, "Can you carry him please? I think I know where to go." "Should...we take his arm with us?" She waves it at Alexa, walking to the door to hold it open for everyone. Ford looks to Alexa in a deadpan look, as all looks from Ford are deadpan, "Are you saying you need a hand?" He looks down to Gabriel, "Because it looks like he needs a hand more than you." Gingerly the large warforge holds Gabriel in one hand as if he is a wounded bird. "Fleshbags are so fragile." As a few tears roll down Roya's face as she holds herself together. Giving Ford a strong glare "Not the Time Ford. Please lift him carefully in your arms" looking to Alexa "very well Ms.Stone please lead the way. I doubt we have much time to discuss this." Alexa leads the way, taking the caravan to the first elf guard she sees. "We gained a favor from the elves after our first venture into the gate, and it appears we need to use it now. Can you please take us to a doctor?" Syn peers over Alexa's shoulder looking at the elf guard. "Yeah we are a little stumped here." She steps to the side to let Ford who's carrying Gabriel to come into view. "The whole situation is rather disarming," Ford asides with Syn in his monotone voice.   The elf guard looks at Alexa. No fuss Gus, thats this guard, he sharply looks to Alexa and begins to guide them towards the medical station. Alexa takes a deep breath as she hears the jokes behind her. Pushing onward, she follows the guard. On top of Fords shoulders she shakes her head at Fords comments. She calms her nerves by petting a resting Tinyfang in her lap. The guard, who explains himself as private first class Gustalionington, maintains a bulldog of a face. He explains that he is actually quite happy, but his face is always like this. Gus here isn't the fastest guard. The halberd on his back drapes a little bit behind him, the wood scraping against the paved stone of the street grounds. He regales Alexa with his adventures on watching the water tower. Then regales her about guarding the food storage. Then back again about his important duties in standing in front of a gate and doing nothing.   After five minutes of this, Alexa would notice they are walking in circles. That house was the SAME HOUSE from minutes back.   Notably that house has a little cross above it, denoting a medical facility, but Gus here seems too content to talk to someone. Anyone. That is until another elf steps out and looks at them. "Did you hurt yourself again, Gus?" the doctor asks. Gus shakes his head, surprised that they have managed to find the medical building despite being here more than once in the past. Seeing the opportunity, Alexa walks up to the new guard, "No, actually, we have a favor from our first entrance into the gate, and we need to use it to get this gnome to a doctor." She gestures to Gabe. "He has lost his arm, can you please help him?" Placing her hand on Gus' arm "Thank you for your guidance, I greatly appreciate it." The doctor looks to Alexa. Then to Gus. Then to Ford, Roya, Gabe. Then to Syn. Back to Alexa. "Come inside, quickly," the doctor says with seriousness. There is a flare of his white robe as he heads inside. Ford also pats Gus on the back, "Yeah, you've been a paragon of what a helping hand should be." Jumping off of Fords shoulders Roya keeps up at the group as they enter. As Ford places Gabriel down on the examination table Roya stays close to the doctor as he looks over the gnomes condition. She follows everyone inside watching the doctor closely before waving Gabriel's arm side to side, the hand flapping around as she does so. "I brought this along. Was hoping you could put it back on or something. I normally crush limbs, not reattach them. " She stands closer looking at the unconscious gnome on the table. "Is he alive?" She continues to look to the doctor then down to Gabriel. "It doesn't quite work like that," the doctor says with great seriousness. The gnome is placed on a table. He places his hands on the boy's frame. Neck. Forehead. Arms. Questions should be raised, but there is no medical board in Arhor'ha. "He lives," the doctor says gravely.   "Quite al-arming given the blood loss," Ford sagely replies. She watches as the doctor checks his pulse, "Ooh! He's alive. Thats good." She nods. "Well then what? There isn't some elven magic you can do or whatever? He really needs his arm, how is he suppose to clap his hands?" Leaning over his shoulder to watch. Alexa nudges Syn 'dont press it, getting this alone is a struggle." She walks over to the doctor. "How can we help get him stable and maybe reattach his arm?" "He is stable currently, but requires an evening of supervision," Doctor Serious MD replies as his elvish eyebrows raise. "Unless you know some highly capable clerics or druids, the limb is quite lost," he continues, motioning to the hand that Syn was recently flopping around. There is a slight nudge from Alexa into Syn's side. "H-hey, thought I'd ask the question!" The realization that the limb is gone for good without knowing of someone with the power to restore it back. "Shit..." She mumbles. She's been playing it off with plenty of arm puns with Ford but the truth of the matter is that she feels responsible. "You fucking idiot...." She continues to mumble. "Why'd you have to entertain the idea of that dumb spell? I shouldn't have let you. I wont blame you if you hate my guts when you wake..." Syn steps back from the treatment table, pushing past the others to step outside with red eyes glancing briefly at Alexa, Syn's face painted with shame. She leans up against the stone building letting out a heavy sigh. listening faintly to mumbles within the building. As Syn breeze's past the party and out the door Roya looks at her with a worried face. Touching Fords forearm to get his attention "I'll go check on her. I'm sure she is a maelstrom of emotions right now." Backing out of the room Roya turns not expecting Syn to be right outside the doorway. Walking around Syn Roya leans up against the same wall. "What's on your mind? That was terrifying for me and I barely know Gabriel." She glances down to Roya then leans her head back against the wall, staring up at the aurora dancing across the sky. “Remember what you and Ford said the other day about choices?” She pauses, the aurora lights shifting and fading between greens and purples. “My choice at the time was to grab this sword that fell down in front of me. I didn’t have to; I probably shouldn’t have in hindsight. Though there was something about that moment that I felt I needed to. My choice.” She folds her arms across her chest. “But when my choices cause something like this? How am I supposed to justify that?” Looking to Syn Roya gently says "Syn we all know you had no intention of causing harm to Gabriel. He is intellent and knows the risk of working with strange artifacts. You and him can discuss that later. I don't believe this is your fault." Pausing "as for you Syn I think maybe your missing the point. YOU made a choice to pick up the sword. No one else made it for you. Making your own choices is okay. When I left my instructor, was the 1st time I was making choices for myself. It was scary but also impowering" Roya follows Syns eyes to look at the Arhor'han sky. Taking a deep breath as this is the first time she has really had to observe the colorful sky. “I had no intentions this time.” She says with a grim undertone. “But I have before.” She shifts slightly, rolling her head in a circle to stretch. “Yeah, my choices are my own, you’re right. I made them because of reasons I decided on my own. Though I hate the idea of people getting caught in the crossfire...” She pauses, her voice lowering and an aura about her shifting. “I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t.”   She looks down to the little half-orc then back up to the sky. “You never told me what happened to her…” Looking at at Syn out of the corner of her eye then back at the sky "Who? .... Oh Alison? Did I get to the part in my story where I escaped?" “You did. You escaped with a newfound friend, whistletooth was it?” She taps her finger on her chin. “But you said this Alison woman found you again later on, then what?” She chuckles a bit. “It may not seem as though I listen, though I do and there is something about your story that makes me want to hear the ending and please, just let me get my mind off of this fucking sword for a moment.” She grins up to the sky, but her eyes narrow in the process and behind them resides thoughts heavier than the sword held on her back. Roya continues "Whisletooth an I were able to town hop for about six months before..." Her eyes glaze a bit then she snaps back to reality " Before she found us in the woods.Darkness surrounded our camp. I heard the call of a Raven and was knocked off my feet. The next thing I see as the spell cleared was the withered body of Whisletooth and a hooded Alison standing over her kill." “….Our stories really are similar…” She mumbles, looking down to Roya. “Your friend is gone, yet you still remain, why? What did you do after she took your friend? What did you say to Allison?” "I was in Shock. Alison was not much for talking so she left me very little time as she rasied her hand cast a spell to kill me. She wanted her job done." Looking down at her hands "I couldn't defend myself or my friend." this was not the end of me however. A shield of black stone surrounded my body and absorbed the energy. This Shield then turned to liquid and shot straight back at Alison. A flash of light later I'm alone in a dark forest." Roya looks up at Syn with a slight frown. “A shield of black stone shot back at this woman…” She thinks on that for a moment. “You think you killed her? Or something else?” Her eyes catch the frown and the pain projected from her story is disturbingly familiar. “…you might be the only one I know that knows that pain like I do.” She leans down and taps Roya over her heart. “And that pain is why I’ve made the choices that I have.” "It was something else. I know this because it talked to me." looking staring at the ground at this point Roya seems to be talking to herself. "She broke my pact and saved his soul" letting the words settle she picks up a listening Tinyfang up off the ground and hugs him tight. She is lost in her own thoughts until Syn tapes her in the chest. Shaking her she smiles at Syn. " The pain of not being able to protect those I around me make me work even harder and drives my choices" "You don't question why it spoke to you? Why it happened?" She blinks a few times looking down at her as Roya picks up her little pet and holds him tightly. "I suppose not...Ha, I wanted to understand this sword and look where it got me. Ignorance is bliss. " She frowns, stepping away from the wall and peering inside to the others only to turn back looking down at her. "I am sorry about your friend...." "I have a name and a general idea of what spoke to me that night" taking her left hand she touched the teardrop mark by her eye "As for my friend I miss her but she is not forgotten. She lives on in the stories I tell." Looking at Syns scars Royas face saddens more deeply 'A high powered druid' Alexa thinks through who she knows, and lands on one person. Alcina. "I may know someone who can help" stepping outside she starts walking through the alleyways, looking for a candle to find Clyde A lot of houses have hanging lanterns outside or metal hooks where one should go. Only one of the vacant houses has a candle down by the entrance. Syn turns quickly to the door as purple robes flow from the threshold and her friend Alexa steps out heading out towards a nearby alley. "H-hey!? Where are you going?" Syn glances down to Roya with a short nod before chasing after Alexa. "I'm going with you! Wait up!" Hearing Syn behind her Alexa slows down. "Alcina is a druid, she may be able to help Gabe... If she's willing." Seeing the candle, she heads straight for the vacant house, walking into the building, with Syn not far behind "She is powerful enough to restore a limb?" Syn says catching up to her and striding just a few steps behind her. There is a lantern light by the door of the abandoned building and she pauses for a moment, looking up and down the street before following her inside. Inside of the building, Alexa finds it to be a simple single room style abode. The stove takes up one side of the room next to a small table where Clyde and Alcina sit. They are, or were, enjoying a small meal together. "If we knew you were coming, we would have made you a plate," Clyde says, only a bone left on his plate. Alcina nods her head the way a predator might, eyes never leaving Alexa's when she lowers her face to acknowledge her entrance. One for Syn as well when she steps in. Alexa nods at Syn's statement, "You saw her fight last night, she's extremely powerful... She had to be." Seeing Alcina and Clyde in the house, Alexa is reminded of the story of how Clyde lost his arm. After being faced with what that actually looks like, she gains even more respect for Clyde, he's the type of agent she aspires to be. "Oh, no need" she says to Clyde with a smile. "We're actually here on a little bit of a dire situation. Gabe attempted to identify the sword that fell from the sky during our battle, and it gave him a swift reply by severing his arm from his body. Alcina is one of the very few people I know of powerful to help." She looks to Alcina, noting the predator glare she is receiving. "If you could... Please. Can you help him?" "A severed arm, you say?" Clyde asks with a raised eyebrow. "An angry sword rejecting identification you say?" The roguish man has a growing smirk on his face and a tone of mischief in his voice. It offsets the muted, if looks could kill, glare that Alcina is giving Alexa. "No," she starts but Clyde finishes, "way we would refused that request. But, he has to want it. Some people hold those injuries as important lessons. You recall the end of the Great Game, yes? There was a dwarf named Orion Vengryn who had similar injuries, but it forged him into something greater." The young man waggles his previously gone hand, the one that Syn and Alexa both would have remembered that Clyde did not have in Avernus. Alcina shoots Clyde a similar glare for making fun of such a sensitive topic. He puts both of his hands up in a defensive position, "But we should really go over our last topic. Perhaps new ones too if swords are casually cutting kiddos." "Thank you" turning back to Syn "Would you mind going to see if Gabe is awake and see if he'd like his arm replaced? I have to talk to Clyde about the state of the garden in Crystallis, and I know it would just be boring to listen to. I'll be here when he's ready." She needs time to talk with Clyde, and unfortunately Syn being there would complicate things. Red eyes scan the room as they enter. They lock onto their old acquaintance Clyde before shifting to the beautiful woman Alcina, both sitting casually at a small wooden table. She stands and simply listens to Alexa and them speak before she turns to Syn. “Hrm…” Syn’s eyes narrow, something about how she asks her makes her rather suspicious if that’s really what they are discussing but she shrugs it off. Rolling her shoulders and adjusting the large sword on her back. “Tsk, fine. Hang tight I’ll be right back.”   Syn nods to Alexa and the others before turning on the heel of her boot and tapping the door open with the tip of her other. Stepping out into the dim light street of a sleeping ghetto and heading down the small street in the direction of the medical ward where Gabriel is. Standing behind a bush that only covers up to his shins, Ford is standing there as still as a statue. If you don't move, no one can see you. First rule as a warforged ninja. The bush, and the warforged, move noisily with Syn as she sinks into the Noir stillness of a aurora lit evening. She casually walks past the very easily seen warforge 'hiding' behind a bush. " tried." Syn says as she keeps walking. Eyes shift behind her as every step she takes the sound of metal follows. Teeth grind out of frustration. "I dont need an escort when I just walked a block or two down the street. You REALLY dont need to follow me for this." She shouts over her shoulder. "You don't know that," Ford replies, adding in a metallic 'coo' that attempts to mimic a bird. "There could be elvish assassins waiting for you to let your guard down." Coo. "I wouldn't want to miss the chance to smash their faces in." Coo Coo. "You don't know that," Ford replies, adding in a metallic 'coo' that attempts to mimic a bird. "There could be elvish assassins waiting for you to let your guard down." Coo. "I wouldn't want to miss the chance to smash their faces in." Coo Coo.   The horrid attempts at sounding like a bird only push her annoyance even more. She stops abruptly, turning around with her arm out pointing down the street at Ford. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?” She shouts in response to the coo’s. “You’re a fucking bird now?! Stealth, not your thing--” She pauses. “Or mine for that matter.” "Coo-rect," Ford replies simply, the metallic whine of his monotone voice only serving to further accent the lack of accurate mimicry to any known bird except dead ones. "....You are lucky I am on a mission from Alexa." She sneers, turning on her heel once more and continuing to walk down the street. As all this is going on Roya sits atop Ford with a finger to her temple trying stop and incoming migraine. She stays silent as they travel back to the doctor holding Tinyfang with her other arm. As they reach the medical ward, Syn steps inside. “Doc.” She says walking up to the treatment table “Is he awake yet?” Her eyes looking down at the severed arm and the dying hand that rests on the table next to him. “We have a Druid that might be able to help us…as you suggested…” The doctor is tending to a series of salves along a do-it-yourself constructed shelf along one wall. "He needs a full night's rest," the doctor says, looking over to the gnome, "but the druid or cleric suggestion was a joke. A factual joke, but still a joke. " “A joke?” Something about the way he says that makes the anger bubble to the surface. “A JOKE!?” She rushes across the room, grabbing his wrist as he handles the various salves on the counter. “This kid lost his fucking arm and you have the audacity to toy with us?” The elf is a doctor, not a soldier, so he is visibly frightened by this action. "Toy with you?" he huffs out. "These are facts, you small brained devil child, a far flung possibility but still a concrete fact that clearly gave you the answers you needed. Here is another fact, if you unhand me this moment I won't report you and your friends to the commanding officer. Medicine is delicate work, not like you'd understand the word delicate, and there will need to be an account of why MY HANDS ARE DAMAGED AND UNABLE TO DO THE WORK." His eyes are a wild mix of pride, fear, and condescension. Entering the room to this scene Roya rushes to Syns side "Syn! What's going on. Please let him go." Genuine fear across her face "look at me Syn. Hurting this man isn't going to help." The clear insults spew from the elf’s mouth and her hand on his wrist tightens for a moment as Roya steps in shouting. She lets go and stares with gritting teeth. “Oh no no no no NO!” She spins around in a circle. “What EVER will you do without your precious boney little hands? Oh MY! Could you imagine the struggles you would face without hands!?” She continues to shout, stepping back and walking over to the treatment table of Gabriel. “MY GOD! I couldn’t even FATHOM WHAT THAT MIGHT BE LIKE!” She throws her hands down, pointing aggressively at the sleeping gnome boy missing an arm.   She turns her head to look back to Roya. “He said finding a Druid to help was a joke. His limb cant come back he says.” The elf holds his wrist like a wounded animal, wringing it in a circle where the fine silks were sullied. "Get out of my hospital," he sneers, his ego bruised as much as his wrist is. Those almond eyes hold the contempt one has if a barnyard animal entered the living room and started breaking one's favorite lamp. His steps hurriedly take him to the door, stepping just outside of it and pointing them to the district as proudly as he can. "Now," he growls as menacingly as a baby lion. Syn rolls her eyes, the poor poor elf and his poor little wrist hurting. She looks down to Gabriel then back up to him as he angrily points her out the door. “My fucking pleasures.” She tosses him a wave and locks eyes with Roya as she steps out of the tent. “He’s not awake, I can’t ask him. Doctor is an asshole.” She sneers at the elf before storming out into the street, kicking a wooden cart out of anger. Roya takes a deep breath of relief as Syn storms out. Then turns to leave following Syn close behind.   Catching up to Syn Roya says a calming as possible "Syn where are you going?" The wooden wheel to the cart cracks and she continues walking. The little half orc following close behind. "FOR A WALK!" She shouts down at her as she continues walking. "Im tired of this place, Im tired of these people, Im tired of all this damn bullshit going on here and Im TIRED of being SUPPRESSED." Keeping up with Syns quick pace "Do you mind if I join you" Roya speaks softly looking up at the Syns frustrated face. "I don't need another god damn babysitter." She says sharply looking back at the trailing warforged then down to Roya. "You may be at peace with things, but I am not. Not at peace with any of this." She continues to storm down the dim lit street. Keeping up with her "I'm no babysitter. I'm staying by your side because I understand what your feeling. The only way we make it though this place is if we stick together." Her voice becoming less gentle but stays steady and not accusing. "I wanted to smash that doctors face in, I wanted to smash that elves face in that killed that innocent man, I WANT to kill Jacob but instead Im running around playing messenger girl for a kid whos arm got chopped off by this sword that I dont understand. My friend is out there somewhere and I dont have a clue on where to even begin, with Jacob Whyte breathing down my neck and a sadistic devil that I am now bound to." She continues to keep walking. "EXCUSE ME IF I AM A LITTLE PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW ROYA.... Oh wait, Choices right? RIGHT!?" She leans over to grab a bottle laying on the ground, hurling it down the street. "That choice got more distance in it than your usual throws," Ford observes, "Have you considered keeping throwing axes handy?" His monotone voice isn't particularly helpful in the situation, but its a grounding agent against the yelling and the verbal hugging. "I have not." She says as the sound of shattering glass echoes down the street. "Though are you offering to be a practice dummy?" She looks at him over her shoulder before turning to continue walking. "Alexa is probably wondering where the hell we are. Im heading back." Surprisingly, if that's possible when dealing with a walking, talking suit of animated armor that has sentience as much as any other living thing, Ford responds down to the tiefling, "I was. The chances you'd be able to hit me with a throwing axe is about the same as you figuring out this whole 'choices are a part of my life' strugglebug before dawn." Thump. The large metallic death machine walks a pace behind Syn. Thump. "But I could continually critique your form. Which will make you more mad. Which, if that bottle is any indication, will make you throw better. Putting that rage into good use before you go all 'Night of Fire and Blood' on the town." Thump. "One doesn't just haphazardly go 'Night of Fire and Blood' without some degree of planning. There are the battle invitations. The chefs for the feasts. Sharpening poles for the heads to go on. " Festival planning, Freeport style. "Tsk, there you go, doing that thing you do again. I am aware it is a part of life thank you." She huff's continuing on. "...I am also aware there is planning involved. There are also innocent lives at stake. How badly I would love to set this place ablaze but it's just not possible. I also didn't realize the extent of this place when we got here..and the longer I stay the more angry I get over it." "Sounds like going through a portal into unknown adventure is a welcome release," Ford notes, stomping along. A head nod to Roya, who could appreciate that direction of events. "Doing it here pisses off the fussy elves to the point of random murderings." Standing up straight looking directly at Syn "You're not the only one who is upset about the state of things Syn. There is still a lot about about this place I still don't understand." Crossing her arms "But I'm here and not leaving anytime soon. " Nodding to Ford " I like that idea" I've been been wanting to check out the Gate ever since the I heard about it" Offering her hand to Syn "I know things are messy but no matter how hopeless things get we will never give up. That's a promise" "...don't make promises you don't know if you can keep." She brushes Royas hand to the side. "If you want to see the gate, then we need to find out if you can even get in it. There are these words...these runes that responded to each of us. We need to see if there are any that respond to you. Just know it's not a walk through a park once inside but you're both right, maybe I do need to go back and punch things." Looking down at her hand Roya as Syn pushes it away. She nods as she gains more understanding of what Syn is dealing with. "Fine let's look into getting me into the gate. It's late. Perhaps we can rest in the house you were at with Alexa. I think we all...." Trailing off looking at Ford. "Most of really need it." "That's fair. A gate jump seems...appropriate and it can give Gabriel time to heal." Syn turns down an alleyway back to the run down house she left Alexa at. Tapping on the door before slowly opening it and stepping inside. "..I don't know if that many apples should be planted in one area-" Alexa stops her conversation with Clyde at the sound of the door opening. Seeing Syn enter, she seems disappointed "Is Gabe awake? What did he say?" "Well...." She shuffles in, leaning up against the wall by the door, crossing her arms together. "I got kicked out." She lets out a frustrated sigh. "He's not awake yet but its irrelevant as the asshole doctor said he was joking when he mentioned a cleric or druid. So....there's that." A sense of tension pops up between Alexa's eyes, she raises her hand up to massage it out. "You got kicked out? Need I remind you we are on very thin lines with the elves?" Deep breath. "Regardless, it wouldn't hurt to have a druid look at it, joking or not there may have been some truth in his statement." A pause to think. "Is he still going to take care of Gabe? Exactly what happened?" She looks up between black strands of hair. Red eyes glistening off the dim lit candle light in the room. "Yes Alexa, I am well aware. I got angry because an asshole of an elf found it funny to give us the run around out of our desperation to help Gabriel." Her eyes shift down to the floor. "He said he was still recovering and it would be awhile..well that was before I pissed him off. I'd assume he's still taking care of him but hell, what do I know? I left like he asked me too." Walking in to the building Roya is at the point in the day where it is hard to hide her tiredness. "Hello Ms.Stone" Looking up at Syn. "We have all had a very long day and all this excitement with Gabriel hasn't really helped with calmng our nerves." Taking a deep breath she walks slowly to to a free chair and drapes herself over it and let's out one more deep breath at that relief of getting to rest. 'One job.... She had one job' runs through Alexa's head as she hears Syn and Roya speak. "Ok, you guys stay here and rest. I don't want to leave Gabe alone. We're cashing in a favor... That can leave alot of gray area. I'll see if I can smooth this over." Standing up she turns to Clyde "I've got a couple more questions, but as always, it's good to talk with you" she looks over to Alcina "both of you." Alexa leaves the house, not happy to walk the streets totally alone with Gig out there, but also not able to trust her companions to join her. Syn sighs, taking the sword from her back and sliding down the wall to rest on the floor, laying it across her lap to stare down at the blade. "I suppose a 'good luck' is in order." She says under her breath as Alexa walks past her. "Like I said he's an asshole...." There is a silence that fills the room once Alexa leaves. It feels awkward to sit and occupy the temporary housing of Clyde and Alcina as they sit at their table with bowls of food that smells...delicious really. Syn peers up briefly at the two then back down to the sword. Running her finger down the metal blade, tracing just above the sharp edge in silence.


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