Be'lania Eiar

Be'lania Eiar

An aquatic half elf from the eastern seas of Arhor'ha, this young elf has an enchanting voice and song. A beautiful tragedy, this young woman has been through a series of traumatic experiences that landed her the title the 'Villain of Despair' during the final Great Game.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is a short, physically untimidating half-elf with the beauty of a Siren and the dexterity of a musician.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a noble family in the seas of eastern Arhor'ha, Be'lania was subject to the skepticism many half-elves receive in the world. A foot each world, but never belonging to either, the young girl stuck by her mother's side without knowing the details of her father beyond myth and story.   A bright, spirited youth, Be'lania would often be found visiting the surface and singing to passing ships. Like her mother, she inherited the gift of the Siren's song. It is a gift she wanted to share with the world, something that she felt her father was trying to do by mending the shaky relationship between the aquatic civilizations and land dwelling. On more than one occasion she would trade small trinkets with passing sailors.   Her life would take a turn when one merchant ship turned out to be a pirate vessel. In her naivete, she led the vessel to a protected cove that cost the lives of many elves as well as the economic and political well being of their kind. Racial tensions returned swiftly. She would be tried by her kin and exiled with her mother. The young half-elf was angry, but it was soothed by the love of her family.   For a time the two lived on the outskirts of town, eking out a living with their musical talents until her mother fell sick. Although it was well within the power to heal her, no one did so and Be'lania could not afford the services. Losing the only person that cared about her well being was a deep blow. She kept a brave face, refusing to let others see her sad. However, she was. Deeply so.   With nothing left for her in the village, she set out to find her father and his lineage. Knowing of Freeport from other villages, she quickly found work singing in taverns to pay her way in adventure. The first, and final, recruitment would be Thomas von Wulfengeist. As a wealthy nobleman from Crystallis he claimed to be touched by her tragic story and promised to help reunite father and daughter.   In order to do so, the two needed to perform a number of rituals. Each one designed to test her faith. To her, she did find her father, but there was still tests yet to repay the family that reunited them. The final test granted her the title of 'Villain of Despair' as she discovered the father was Thomas in magical disguise, pulling out her innocent hope to leave her as a pawn in a larger conflict where her talents were needed as a tool.   She spent years in a great depression, unable to shake off her mortal coil at the hands of a vigilant madman who sadistically would play games with her until she no longer felt that there was any hope for her happiness. That the most she could ask for is release at the end of this game they needed her for. When her usefulness is over, they would discard her.   In the end, she was saved by her half-brother Nasdamn Eiar , the Hero of Dreams, that restored the strength of her dreams as a young singer full of vitality and life. It gave her the strength to stand against her oppressors. The victory was short lived as they severed her tie to this world, leaving her to perish in her half-brother's arms.   Death was not the end of her journey, as a deal was brokered with Ty Targarius and a celestial for Nasdamn to protect Iolanthe Targarius in exchange for keeping his half-sister safe.   Over the next year, she would spend time in a void realm with Ty Targarius looking for a means to escape. In the end, she made it back to the Material realm at great cost.


Be'lania was schooled by her mother, who was a well learned noble


Be'lania worked as a singer, a merchant, and a time as a villain in the Great Game.

Accomplishments & Achievements

An accomplished singer, Be'lania is the source of more than one bard songs that speak of her beauty and grace. None of these name her specifically, instead speaking of a fair Siren in a sea shanty. She also defied her captors, the Dark Hearts, when it mattered most with the help of her half-brother Nasdamn Eiar

Mental Trauma

The trauma of causing pain to her tribe was the first blow to her ego. Following that, being exiled and ultimately the loss of her mother with the feeling of helplessness during the process. The vulnerability lead to a deep depressive trauma at the hand of the Dark Hearts during the final Great Game. Her trauma slowly healed during her time with Ty Targarius, but upon losing him in the void realm, ripped open once more.

Morality & Philosophy

At her core, Be'lania is a person who believes in happy endings and fairy tales. She thinks that being honest and true to yourself is the way to live the best life and it reflects in her songs. The pain endured by living this life also is reflected in her songs, as the world has not been kind to her.


Family Ties

Nasdamn Eiar - Half-Brother



Shipmate (Important)

Towards Be'lania Eiar



Be'lania Eiar

Shipmate (Important)

Towards Safina




Both of them were crew-mates aboard the Royal Coursair. Be'lania knew many of Safina's mother's songs and would comfort him by singing them whenever they were near the Dolphin Tribe's territory. They took a liking to each other because they shared a similar story; neither knew their fathers. This drew them together, however she was determined to find out about her father, where Safina had no interest in discovering who his father was.

Chaotic Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Villain of Despair
Year of Birth
557 (47 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
The unexpected birth was a union of a human male and a noble sea elf woman. The union was intended to symbolize peace between the two civilizations.
East Arhor'ha Seas
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Short sea foam green hair
Appears in...


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