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In the beginning, there was nothing but the emptiness known as the Void. A mysterious existence and the origin of all life; from this nothingness came to the Progenitors, creators of the world.

Ayre, the Progenitor of the Natural world willed humanity and all living things into existence. The three realms Terra, Mare, and Caelum were then created by Carys, the Progenitor of the Transcendental existence.

For several years since its creation, Arheid has seen peace. However, as all things come to an end, this tranquil co-existence did not last. Depravity soon plagued the lands and corrupted its inhabitants, and the impurity that lingered brought upon the Rifts and monsters that afflicted the world.

To bring back balance into the world that's on the verge of destruction, Seike, the Progenitor of Time and the balance between the Natural and Transcendental world, chose the Four Guardian Deities to receive fragments of the Progenitor's power. Hal inherited the Terran realm, while Lir succeeded Mare. Estelle and Llune took over Caelum, bringing Celestial existences into life. These four guardians in turn chose the worthy and bestowed Blessings upon their people.

But the battle to eliminate the monsters is only the beginning, and the quest to discover the secrets of the Rifts remains at large.

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