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You live in a world of great beauty... And danger. A world equal parts adventure... And disaster. From the indomitable glaciers of the Northern Range... To the desert extremes of the Silent Plains... This is Argolen; a region that you call home.   But just beyond the sleepy corn fields and rolling pastures to the West…   A curse has come to Vanden's Rest.   The fields lay unploughed. The mines echo hollowly. Sleep is a rare occurrence. Between reports of villagers vanishing, and those who remain plagued with bad dreams, an age has passed since heroes were last seen in these parts. Not that they've been needed, of course…   Until now.   Be warned, for should you choose to cross the threshold, you abandon reality as you know it. Your faculties will betray you. Question everything – and everyone – you see. The minds of those who stay the night rarely leave intact. Sleep soundly whilst you still can, bold adventurer, for your very own fever-dream awaits.   Take the plunge and unravel the past of Vanden’s Rest so that its future may likewise rest; assured. Or else forsake the lives of Vanden’s people, and your own sanity, to a fate of endless torment...

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