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it is told that the world will end when Alitheus walks the earth. He currently lives in his lair deep in the Whispering Mountains.   Since Alitheus can not make spirits from souls, he will steal souls from the living. When someone is near death, or has done a terrible deed, demons may appear to steal the soul before Maker takes them away. He has also been know to send Black dogs hunting to tear the flesh from the soul. To prevent this, family members must gather and light candles to escape the darkness.

Divine Domains

Chaos, war, disease, fire. Sends demons and Black Dogs to steal souls

Holy Books & Codes

The Chaos Tome

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Fire, a black dragon, skulls

Tenets of Faith

When Alitheus emerges from his lair, the World shall breath its last breath.


Festival of Fire happens mid winter, a time of bonfires, meat roasting, and tales from the Chaos tome.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To twist the souls of every mortal into demons.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A massive, pitch black dragon



Sister (Important)

Towards Alitheus





Brother (Important)

Towards Batan





Alitheus was the first child of Maker, and brought chaos, and disease to the world. Batan, the fourth child, brings health. Initially starting as friendly towards each other, the relationship degraded due to Alitheus inherent instability and decietfulness. She discovered that he had stolen some of her spirits, and had twisted them to almost unrecognizable, and brainwashed. After confronting him, Alitheus told the other siblings he had witnessed Batan having sex with his black dogs out of anger. After discovering this rumor, Batan told the siblings that this was a lie, and Alitheus only said that to cover up his own desire for her (which was not untrue). Alitheus lashed out once again and inflicted her followers with a plague. Unable to cure such a disease, she begged Maker to create a herb that would do so. Maker, with great love for her children, accepted the request and assisted in curing Batans followers. Worried that Alitheus will hurt her followers again, she created a protection around their homes that prevented Alitheus from entering

Divine Classification
Circumstances of Birth
The first child of Maker
Biological Sex

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