The Great Kingdoms Alliance

The Great Kingdoms Alliance, formerly known as the Five Kingdom Alliance, is formed from the three southernmost kingdoms in Aret in the aftermath of the Devouring War and the Sea War. The members came together in the face of an impossible threat of the All Devouring and to rebuild in the aftermath of the war against them.  


Taprisall is the kingdom in the area of Aret known as the Mother's Basin. It's capital resides in the former capital of the Grand Empire, resulting in them having some of the greatest knowledge of pre-Devouring Aret.
Lowlaing claims the southernmost lake and all that stretches to the west. The capital resides along the lake edge in one ruins of the Grand Empire's greatest magical centers.
Outeroam resides on the southernmost coast and lays claim to most of the southern coast. Their capital was once one of the Grand Empire's fishing villages and faced the least amount of rebuilding.


The Great Kingdoms Alliance has a history as long as the kingdoms themselves, founded not long after the kingdoms were able to claim their titles.  

The End of the Devouring War

At the end of the Devouring War, the seven kingdoms that rose from the ashes of the war were weakened and wary. To prevent another all consuming war, five of the kingdoms, Taprisall, Eaosaom, Outeroam, Ginemont and Lowlaing, sought to work together to fortify their shaky positions in light of the war.   Dinenorn and Lakindom chose to not join the new alliance for a variety of reasons, but agree to stay peaceful as they build up from the war. The years right after the war were spent repairing the broken cities and fixing the ravaged land. As ruins of the once-world spanning empire are rediscovered, both Taprisall and Ginemont make their capitals in the greatest ruins, fixing them up and making them their own.   Outeroam and Lowlaing grow closer, as do Ginemont and Eaosaom, fostering good relations between their kingdoms. As the hundred year mark passes, old tensions between the rulers of Ginemont and Dinenorn begin to show in subtle ways. Taprisall remains oblivious, consumed with rediscovered knowledge.  
We seek not just a new day, my friends. We seek to build a world where one the new day is brighter then the last. We seek to leave the world better then the one given to us.

Tensions Rise

As the 200th year since the end of the Devouring War draws nearer, the tensions between Ginemont and Dinenorn came to a head after an unfortunate accident on the sea result in ships from both sides sinking. As there were no signs of pirates and the death logs were inconclusive, accusations flew between the two kingdoms.   Taprisall, pulled from its consumption of old knowledge, gave Ginemont a warning that the Alliance would not aid them in a war against Dinenorn, as there was no proof that the sinks were anything more then an accident. Ginemont accepted the warning, but not without discontent.  

Era of Icy Relations

Another war averted, Taprisall returned to its dormancy, content that war was averted. Outeroam and Lowlaing, however, are more doubtful of this enforced peace and begin to prepare contingences in case a war does erupt. Eaosaom sides with Ginemont, experimenting with ship designs and war weapons on the farthest side of Aret.   For approximately 50 years, the cold war continues unchanged until Dinenorn begins to encroach on Ginemont's territory at sea. A series of pirate attacks harm both kingdoms, further worsening relations. As the discontent grows in Ginemont, Outeroam and Lowlaing's preparations become more overt and Taprisall attempts to foster a peace between the two kingdoms.  

Tensions Break, War Erupts

Taprisall's attempts proved to be useless, as tensions finally broke, sending Aret hurling back into war. This time, however, it was not a war seen since before the establishment of the Grand Empire, a war between kingdoms. An alliance between Ginemont and Eaosaom versus an alliance between Dinenorn and Lakindom torn both the Five Kingdom Alliance and the peace of Aret apart.  

The Sea War Ends

By the time peace was finally able to made between Ginemont and Dinenorn, the war had been raging for approximately five years. The talks and discussions lasted for another two, resulting in a compromise that satisfied neither side.   It also resulted in Ginemont and Eaosaom leaving the Five Kingdom Alliance, unhappy with the lack of support from the Alliance in the years before the Sea War. The Five Kingdom Alliance was renamed The Great Kingdom Alliance in the aftermath.  

Doubtful Feelings

The years after the Sea War were even more rocky then the years after the Devouring War. Taprisall had found that it was not the paragon it had believed itself to be, but rather a flawed mockery. Outeroam and Lowlaing doubted the usefulness of the Alliance and been to consider withdrawing from it.  

Seek A New Day, Grow Stronger

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Alternative Names
Five Kingdoms Alliance


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