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Aret is a world on the brink of falling into chaos. The Land That Mothers All is falling into an eternal sleep and her twin children of Light and Dark have been missing for centuries. The Gods have fallen silent, prayers, pleas and questions left unanswered.   Old enemies, once held back by the Mothers' Champion, have come crawling out of the shadows they hid in and seek to claim the land for themselves. Unrest brews between the mortal kingdoms, grudges old and new driving chasms between once united kingdoms.   It is to this that an old, forgotten soul awakens, unknowingly rocking the world. They must survive a changing world and uncover the secrets that have created these problems, all while regaining their stolen memories and evading groups that wish to put them under their thumb.   It is a race against the clock as Aret spins ever closer to destruction.

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