The Times They Are a-Changeling

Melanie Fallenbranch of the Emerald Autumn has asked the party to find and remove a group of changelings said to be present in the city.   These changelings are operating out of a laundry facility in the city. Fallenbranch views their kind as unnatural abominations that have no place in the natural order, and will pay 20gp to see them driven from the city. She claims that they have been stealing clothing from noble families and using them to rob the wealthy of the city.   When the party expressed misgivings about the ethics of this request, Fallenbranch indicated that if they didn't resolve the matter within the next several days, then she would look to hiring another group to deal with them. This was on Anchor Day, 8th of Reaping, 1493.   Xev has a private interest in contacting the changelings as potential partners in his drug trafficking plans. He sent Djhim to make contact with them, but they indicated that they would want to establish trust with a meeting in person.   Xev met with them and revealed his true face the next day, on the 9th of Reaping. The changelings deny any criminal activity on their part, and that they are merely attempting to live in peace. Xev did not doubt their claim. They know William DeFino, another changeling, but say that he is not part of their community and that none of them have ever seen him wear any identity other than DeFino.   DeFino himself claims that the thefts in the district are merely a matter of "lesser" families not paying their servants adequately to deter them from theft, and he seems to genuinely believe this.
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