The Singing Sword

The Singing Sword is a busy tavern located in the Silverwine Ward of Brightridge. Three floors of diners enjoy one of the finest menus in the city including the justly famous turtle soup which is served in a turtle's upside-down shell.   A lively place, brightly lit and full of crowds of folk enjoying their meal and their visit with friends at adjacent tables. It is obviously a popular place with many regulars and the food's good, too.   Patrons are entertained by the high voiced ballads of the wondrous magical blade for which the tavern is named. This black-bladed long sword was brought to Brightridge long ago, and is thought to have been forged by the drow deep underground. It customarily stands upright, hilt high, in the open central well of the tavern, encircled by the spiraling stairs to the upper floors, and is silent. Any visitor to Brightridge will find this place worth a visit to hear the Singing Sword burst into song.   Once an hour, one of the tavern staff, usually a pretty girl in mock armor, struggling under the weight of the blade, lifts the blade and holds it high. It will only sing when grasped and ordered. The will of the holder actually determines the song. Angry or upset holders' thoughts have been known to make the blade segue into a second song after it has begun singing. Its voice is high, clear, and almost bell-like on high notes, but somehow male, though it has been known to mimic the voices of others who sing along with it in order to better harmonize.  

The Menu

  The Singing Sword has a simple way of dealing with prices:  
  • All meals are 1 GP per platter, whatever you order.
  • This includes a tall glass or tankard of whatever you want.
  • Subsequent drinks are 1 SP per tankard for any beer or and 1 GP for any wine or fancier drink.
  • Drinks without a meal are 4 SP each.
  •   Menu Items:  
  • Turtle Soup and Artichoke
  • Smoked Veal and Dried Mushrooms
  • Braised Cod with Garlic and Buckwheat Bread
  • Stewed Deer and Dried Watercress
  • Roasted Dragon and Leek
  • Steamed Bear and Shallot
  • Other Notes

      The establishment is regularly frequented by Misty Firelight on Horizon Day. She prefers the smoked veal. Bonny the Waitress claims to work that shift and serves her often.
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