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The Ghost in the Unicorn

The Vulgar Unicorn appears to be haunted by hostile spirit that behaves like a poltergeist. It first made itself known by smearing the cellar muck into a message on a wall on the first floor: "Last call. Get out."   The spirit made some weak attacks to begin with, such as throwing broken dishware at Wash. With the aid of Ulric Chaucer and his Detect Good and Evil spell, it was confirmed that there is an undead making its home there. Though Wash was enraged by the spirit's provocations and attempted to attack it, Vathash subdued her and the group made a hasty exit.   The Party turned to local sources for information, and received advice from the mystic Madam Pomona. She suggested that the entity may be a poltergeist or a specter - spirits which cannot pass on to the next realm after death. The options were to destroy the spirit, or find a way to remedy the anguish that drove it mad. Because a poltergeist cannot pass on, it would still remain in the world,   Upon being informed that the spirit was most likely the late Fil, she remarked that Fil had a great passion and love for the Vulgar Unicorn {Rename Pending}. The party made the decision to bury his remains beneath a tree on the property. Vathash dug the grave, and Lyra Dune carved "For Fil" into the tree.   This seemed to calm the spirit, and he seems content to remain in the tavern and tend to its cleaning.
Completion Date
Port Day, 16th of Flame, 1493
Plot type
Side Quest
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