Gnarly Rescue, Dude

When confronted about the murderous misdeeds of Elegnos, Jackie de Mowbray indicated that dealing with Elegnos currently presented a problem. Jackie has an agent infiltrated within the Zonthosh Guild. That agent is Gnarl, the younger brother of Elegnos, and Elegnos is the main contact for Gnarl.   Gnarl has fallen under suspicion within the Guild, and is under constant watch by a Grell. Jackie wants to have Gnarl extracted before his true allegience can be revealed. Secrecy is paramount - although Jackie would prefer to get Gnarl back alive, he would prefer that Gnarl be killed rather than allow him to expose his affiliation with The Sanguine Serpents.   There are not many leads on how to find Gnarl. Jackie has learned that the Beholder, Zonthosh, has a personal interest in watching arena fights staged in the underground, and this may be an avenue to gain access. There are also said to be two hidden entrances - one in the Raven Docks, and a safe house deep under the Castle Ward.   Savra Drake has offerred to do an audit on the properties and property ownership within the Castle Ward for any leads that might narrow down which could be hiding a safehouse.   Otto Steeltoes has informed the party that Istrid Horn is the contact to ask about getting into the arena.
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