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Arekinia, The World inside the Dragon's Dream

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In the beginning of time, The Creator gave life to the Gods and put them in charge of leading the destiny of the newly created world. It didn't take long before the Gods turned against each other and tore the world apart.   With a heavy heart, The Creator forged a Godslaying Sword with the purpose of slaying the conflictive Gods, and handed it to the Overgoddess of Life and Death.   But even with the sword, the Overgoddess' power was not enough, as the Gods banded together against her, and even the Gods not involved in the conflict joined them. So she decided the conflict should be settled by the Gods directly involved in it.   With the Godslaying Sword relinquished to the Gods in conflict, they battled to claim its power. Draxenath, the Dragon Goddess, overpowered the other Gods and took possession of the sword, preventing them from slaying each other.   The conflict continued, with Draxenath trying to stop it and not only unite the Gods, but free the mortals enslaved by the constant wars. She was not alone in the fight, her ideals were also shared by the offsprings of some of the Gods. She gained worshippers among all the mortal races.   Then, Draxenath lost her most beloved offspring to betrayal by the people they tried to lead and educate. Sunken in grief, she disappeared from the world.   Amaxis, the Human God, had his own ideas about unity. He decided to enslave the other races and have humans rule the world. His wife Humenalia, the Human Goddess, decided to take Draxenath's place and oppose his tyranny. She was defeated and went into hiding afterwards. Amaxis conquered the world and rules with an iron fist since then.   After a millenium of absence from those two Goddesses, the edge and glow from the sacred weapons they once granted to their followers has somehow enkindled anew. There are rumors of them wandering the world again. The flame of hope has been reignited... people dream of the Goddesses leading them into battle to recover their freedom.