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Freight Aves

Written by KaraRedwing

Freight Aves :bulletblack:Sub-Species: 3 :bulletblack:Location: Rare individuals are found across Salix, but primarily on the coasts and in the swamps :bulletblack:Height to shoulder: 16cm :bulletblack:Wingspan: 46cm :bulletblack:Weight: 3.5kg (9kg under Earth' gravity) :bulletblack:Diet: Piscavorous with some carnivorous tendancies (specialized in killing green Demis otherwise) :bulletblack:Role in Food chain: Tertiary Consumers :bulletblack:Hunting/Foraging: ambush, scavenging, begging; when there isn't a kill to steal or humans to harass, these Avians will either wade in the waters to spear fish or hide in the trees and wait for Demis to pass by :bulletblack:Disposition: obnoxious beggar, prone to squabbling, patient :bulletblack:Social: hunts alone, nests in groups :bulletblack:Parenting: raised until it can hunt, then kicked out of the nest :bulletblack:Predators: alligators, larger birds, when sick: Demis and large reptiles :bulletblack:Unique Features: Like other Avians, its bottom jaw is bone while the top is a keratin beak. What is unusual is that the beak has a serrated edge for holding onto prey. This is one of the most annoying bird species on Arecace due to its habit of following around humans to beg for food or else steal it. Fishermen consider it to be a lucky bird though, and often keep one tame freight ave to fight off wild intruders. The species gained its name do to its propensity to sit on cargo boxes at port while they watch and wait for an easy meal.   Or read this intelligibly here:
Scientific Name

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