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Drake Eda

Written by KaraRedwing

Or, better yet, look at the original posting that includes in-text links:   Name: Drake Eda (Last name pronounced Ae-dah)   Class: Esarian-Blue (Unclassified B)   Occupation: Assassin-AnK Guild, on "temporary suspension" from the DIA (DIA ID: DnC)   Nationality: The Dead Volcanoes Territory   Ethnicity: Hnn/Hnr   Age: 40, born January 3, 247 DE (Zodiac: The Guardian)   Height: 183cm (6ft)   Distinguishing marks: Slit eyes and fangs (Formshift Error), DIA-modified Esarian Crest   Personality: Trusting, gregarious, friendly, and playful, he has a mild sense of humor and does not appreciate rude jokes. He is family-oriented and protective, sometimes overly protective, especially of his adult, younger siblings who want the space to be adults. He is single-minded and can be generally overbearing. He holds grudges and combined with his black/white morality, he has written people off over one-time offenses. He is arrogant when challenged (or thinks he's been challenged), but is open to others' opinions in when presented in a non-antagonistic manner. He is enthusiastic about good ideas and pushes others to do more, making him an idealistic leader. He makes friends easily, but can struggle to keep them if they cannot hold their own against his strong will and tell him to back down when he has crossed a line. He values the friends who stick with him and call him out on his bullshit as highly as he does his family. (ENFJ) Philosophy: Diplomacy is always the way to go, family first (excluding Cyden and Shizame), also follows a strict, personal sense of justice   Motivations/Goals: to protect his family, to promote Esarian rights, to avoid unnecessary violence, to stop Cyden's war   Strengths: agile, high physical strength, owns a gun and is highly trained to use it, determined, always has friends to fall back on, excellent in teams (though he may pull misguided solo moves despite his team, if he sees it as a better opportunity), he generally gets along with others   Weaknesses: overly-trusting, limited to close-quarters fighting, once he blacklists someone, he won't work well (or at all) with that person no matter what circumstances, suffering from a few chronic illnesses/disorders, one physical (shift cancer), the other mental (auditory hallucinations the latter he has under control as long as he is medicated, but it can cause people to distrust his judgment if they know he has it   Source Abilities: limited Energy Gathering   Weapons: handgun   Family in Story: Cyden (uncle), Shizame (older half-brother, but considers cousin), Jack (younger half-brother, but considers full brother), Draven (younger half-sister, but considers full sister), Terry (dad)   Background: :bulletblack:In Brief: Drake is Cyden's nephew. He was trained by Azrisar, and is now one of the top Assassins at AnK Guild. At one point, he was a member of the DIA, however, he is now on "temporary suspension" until further notice due to Cyden's scheming. Although Drake is pro-Esarian rights, he and Nic are organizing a rebellion to stop Cyden's war against the DIA to procure these rights. Drake believes that Cyden will not make a good leader for Arecace and that the DIA can be reasoned with peacefully.   :bulletblack:In Full: Drake was brought up steeped in AnK culture alongside his older cousin/half brother Shizame. He earned his first Assassin training from Cyden, his uncle and the Guildmaster of AnK Guild, whom he idolized as a child. Cyden used this as an opportunity to indoctrinate Drake with the Cause: that Esarians should no longer be restricted by the Preservation Laws, and that Cyden was the ideal person to ensure this happened by conquering the DIA. When he was older, Azrisar, the Guild's top Assassin at the time, became Drake's combat instructor and mentor. Although they got off to a rough start due to Drake's immature, cocky attitude, the two got along quite well in the long run, and Azrisar grew into being one of Drake's closest friends.   Drake came to mistrust Cyden, when he became aware of how manipulative and ruthless Cyden was. Worse yet, Cyden's temper was becoming hotter and shorter as he aged, especially towards other members of their family (i.e. Drake's dad, Terry, who was no longer on his medication, and his two younger siblings, Draven and Jack, whom he was at the time involved in raising). When Cyden hurt Drake's younger sister in a fit of rage, Drake decided someone like Cyden could not be lead Arecace into a new era of peace of equality. Instead, Cyden would only become an irrational tyrant. Drake plotted a coup d'├ętat against Cyden with Azrisar that would have allowed Azrisar to take over the Guild.   Unsure of his standing with Azrisar and hoping to curve Drake's rebelliousness, Cyden sent Drake to the DIA on an internship to get advanced training. Cyden expected Drake would get fed up with the bureaucracy, hypocrisy, and corruption in the central government, and see that Cyden was the lesser of the two evils. Things did not go as Cyden had planned. Drake loved the DIA and progressed from his internship into a full position in the agency, joining the main squad by the end of the year. Unfortunately, not long after Drake passed his DIA marksmanship training, Azrisar's wife, Claire, died. Azrisar never recovered from the loss, as he took the gun Drake had recently earned via his DIA training and shot himself. Drake blamed himself, because he had not been careful enough in keeping his gun locked up, and if he had, Azrisar would not have killed himself (he believes anyway). Cyden quickly became bored of Drake's unhappiness. He spoke one snide comment too many, and Drake finally snapped and attacked Cyden. Drake earned his Formshift Error when Shizame interfered with their battle and attacked Drake despite his surrender.   Horrified that Drake was emboldened by his ever growing power in the DIA, Cyden used his influence, the attack and Drake's medical history to convince the DIA to release Drake on "temporarily suspension" until Drake's mental health was deemed to be "satisfactory." This is a declaration Drake has not yet been able to procure despite the fact that he is stable. Soon after, Drake formed an alliance with new recruit, Nic, who also wanted Cyden out of power. Nic has been playing double mole between the two Edas since.   Currently, Drake begrudgingly works for Cyden, while Cyden continues to try and coerce Drake into trusting him again. Drake and Nic are planning to stop Cyden's war against the DIA at all costs. Drake hopes to later regain his standing in the DIA, so he can go about promoting Esarian rights via changing the government peacefully.

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