Rorraigh Maelfen

Lord Rorraigh Maelfen

Chief of Clan Maelfen and Lord of Glaston Keep near Kelisfield.   Unlike most Rathi, Lord Rorraigh is a devoted Host Keeper, having been converted in his youth by a traveling bard.   Two years into his reign, Lord Rorraigh was accused of helping to foment a Rathi rebellion in the Rathlands. He challenged Prince Bennerog the Black Boar to hollymock to defend his honor, but on the morning of the ritual, the prince grew deathly ill. Bennerog insisted he would still fight, but Rorraigh thought it dishonorable to fight a man so clearly disadvantaged, and prevailed upon other lords present to find another solution. In the end, Lord Rorraigh gave up his firstborn son Benraigh as a ward to the prince and his wife Princess Helessa. His own wife, Lady Maira, is said to have not spoken to him for three years following this.   Lord Rorraigh and Lady Maira have two remaining sons, Hugh and Arrdur, as well as a young daughter, Katrin, born soon after the Lord and Lady reconciled.
Year of Birth
5091 NA 36 Years old
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization