Milosian Idioms

A list of common phrases (and curses) found in the Milosian Peninsula.   "Ottnum's Eye." Grave misfortune. Ottnum was an enemy of the Deinain, either one of the Hadrash or the Monsters of the sea. He was a giant with one frozen eye, and it was said whoever fell under the gaze of that eye would suffer greatly before their end. References to other body parts are usually made in conjunction with cold weather. "Cold as Ottnum's butthole" is a common phrase among the vulgar. Obviously, such references are found among Deinain worshippers, typically the Siiari and Rathi.   "Witched out" or "as a witch." A reference to someone who has lost employment or is otherwise of no use to society: "useless as a witch." Witches are spellers who lack an employer and thus a purpose. To call a non-speller a witch, especially a man, is typically to imply uselessness or low status. The term is also used to imply unseemly sorcerous powers, though this is less common nowadays. This term is fairly universal, though it is more common among Host Keepers.   "Singing." Lying, manipulating, or in rarer cases a reference to any nefarious or evil deed. More officially, "singing" is the term used when a wizard, magician, or even speller attempts to use their strengths to manipulate others, and as such the term has been taken to apply to anyone who attempts such dishonesty.   "His god is dead" or "He is a god killer." A phrase exclusive to Ethel, typically among the poor folk of the cities. It refers to Ethelites, especially merchants, that are particularly shrewd or greedy, seemingly eschewing Hostly values in the name of profit. The phrase is a reference to the Eysch, who are said to worship a dead god, and who are increasingly influencing the economics and culture of Ethel.   "Gleir's balls." A general response to a wild or unusual situation. It can be a simple explicative, or it can be used as an actual description: "The whole situation's gone to Gleir's balls." It is a reference to Gleirea, the Host of Horns, who is said to be able to change her sex at will. Peculiarly, this phrase seems to be used by Deinain worshippers more often than Host Keepers.   "Past Peril" or "Point of Peril." An expression meaning beyond known places. Someone who is lost, either physically or metaphorically, might be described as "past peril." Someone who is about to make a risky decision might be described as at the "point of peril." The phrase refers to the Pass of Peril in the Sentinel Mountains, which links Milos to the Monosi Midlands to the north.