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Welcome to Ardras

Welcome hero! Your tale is about to begin. Welcome to the vast lands of Ardras, a world shrouded in ancient histories and rich in lore. Our story begins in the Era of Dusk, shortly before three brave young men's lives are changed forever. You are among their companions, exploring the deep misty vines of the Meinong Jungle, crossing the dangerous trek through the Drylands, learning ancient mysteries in the forested lands of Lithos, and so much more.   You may choose from any of several races to play your role in this story. The brave and mighty fervorian, made from marbled skin? Or will you be the agile and quick-witted tokage, mercantile lizard peoples from the badlands to the south? Or maybe you are one of the many different varieties of human, the magically skilled Lithosian or the gifted Aristolian craftsman? Or perhaps you hail from the far-off islands of Oceos'lo'kai, freedom bracing the back of your stride?   Whatever you choose, you bring your peoples customs and values with you, or perhaps you are a wandering rebel who has rejected the norms of your society. Your lives will come to tie in with the fates of these three brave young men, each walking down their own path, will you be an ally? Their enemy? Or perhaps you yourself have a path you must journey through.
Who are you?  
  • I am a Tokage
  • I am a Fervorian
  • I am a Human

  • Where are you from?  
  • I am from the vast lands of Aristolia
  • I am from the myterious forests of Lithos
  • I am from the rugged peaks of Fervor
  • I am from the arid deserts of The Drylands
  • I am from the various islands and coasts of Oceos'lo'kai

  • What's your heritage?   As a human, I am:
  • The quick-witted and skilled Aristolian.
  • The wise and magical Lithosian.
  • The wild and free Oceos'lo'kaiian.
  • As a fervorian, I am:
  • The noble and luxuriant Goldblood class.
  • The hardy and determined Silverblood class.
  • The adventurous and humble Copperblood class.
  • As a tokage, I am:
  • The fleet-footed travelers of the Erenede Persaia clan.
  • The keen-eyed collectors of the Shihyr Malkron clan.
  • The savage warriors of the Vulkra Shuman clan.
  • The silent assassins of the Ubaid Scyth clan.
  • The kindly smiling travelers of the Nebia Mesr clan.
  • The cunning and grinning merchants of rthe Niven Assyr clan.
  • The mysterious and ancient line of the Byblosi Archaeum clan.

  • What do you believe in?  
  • I am a devout believer of the Church of Helios
  • I am a traditional observer of Erudism
  • I am a trained student of the Schools of Hadan
  • I am peace-minded practioner of Meinongism
  • I am a ritualistic follower of the Cults of Dragarn
  • I am an avid storyteller of A'nuiism
  • I am a secretive member of the cults of Arrshyo
  • I prefer to see the world from my own perspective

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