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Veerus Cardeena (veer-rus kar-dee-na)

Trade Prince Veerus Copperlos Cardeena (a.k.a. The Grand Madam)

"A man uses his body to work and toil, and he earns his gold at the end of the day for the labors of his flesh, why should a woman be treated any differently?"
— Veerus Cardeena

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Veerus has the supple and graceful body of an experienced woman; she is very slim and walks with an air of otherworldly beauty.

Special abilities

Capable of a wide variety of magical abilities, her knowledge of magic is rather deep and well-versed. Much of her magic is mist-based, imbuing various perfumes with the ability to affect the minds of those who inhale it. Those who take in the perfume are susceptible to suggestion in most mild cases; though she does also have access to more malignant aromas which can cause death. She keeps these hidden away except for the most dire of circumstances.

Apparel & Accessories

Veerus is draped in several layers of Lithosian finery and robes, amongst the best that money can buy. She is accessorized with a variety of gleaming jewels, precious stones, and nuracrysts which cover her from head to toe. About her neck is a necklace with a golden key signifying her station as a Trade Prince.

Specialized Equipment

A hidden Meinongian dagger is stowed away between her breasts for quick and easy access in case of conflict. Her robes are also outfitted with a specialized system of hoses and valves which channel her personal blends of perfumes infused with nura, usually only necessary if she finds herself in danger.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Veerus was born into poverty in the backalleys of Mandas to an unknown couple. Whether she was abandoned as a child or ran away early in her youth is disputed, but she quickly came into her own in her teenage years as a lady of the night in the dark corners of the city. Prowling the red light districts and seedy taverns of Aristolia's major cities, much of her amassed wealth was built off the foundation of money she made working brothels as a pleasure woman.


Much of what Veerus has learned comes from her many nights with wealthy Aristolian merchants, following the ways of more experienced women who taught her how to tease out the most gold from desperate and arrogant men. Veerus is well versed in the arts of love and sensuality, having traversed all across the lands of Aristolia in the company of theatre troupes, traveling caravans, and wandering minstrels. In her youth, she accumulated enough income to travel abroad, exploring the islands of Oceos'lo'kai and coming to understand their way of living, and sharing her body with the many men willing to pay. During this time, when she was pursuing less venereal goals she was fond of reading, writing, and mingling with members of the Merchant's Guild.


Throughout her 20s and 30s, Veerus's fame as a captivating figure of beauty was well known across all of Ardras. She traveled from brothel to brothel, offering her services until she attained enough income to become the madam of her own brothel in the famed tent city of Heror'est. There, in the Temple of Many Hands, she employs and protects various women of desperate circumstances, these temple grounds are well guarded and keep out troublesome malcontents who would harm or pursue the women within.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Veera's many connections with important figures from the Merchant's Guild has put her in proximity of Aristolia's elite and wealthy, she has attained the role Trade Prince with the wealth she has amassed and the connections that she has made. Her accomplishments include:  
  • Establishing the Temple of Many Hands in Heror'est
  • Purchasing and maintaining several brothels in Redrook, Marblemarch, Mandas, Roguesport, and Heror'est.
  • Attaining the role of Trade Prince of Heror'est
  • Advocating for women's rights across all of Aristolia
  • Intellectual Characteristics

    Though a bit haughty, Veerus's heart always seems to be in the right place. She is kind and graceful, showing concern for those less fortunate than her. She knows that she posesses great political power and does not fear using it when and where it is necessary. She bears the title of Trade Prince responsibly and utilizes this influence to improve the lives of her people in Heror'est, particularly for unfortunate women who come through as a result of a rough home life or abusive relationship.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Veerus believes that a woman's body is their own, and that a woman should not be beholden to the expectations of men. Within a lady's heart is a powerful force that men simply cannot understand, as she is an aspect of nature herself. She is a fierce defender of women's rights and will quickly put to death any man who seeks to take a woman's body against her will.

    Personality Characteristics


    Veerus seeks to aid the unfortunate and broken, her rule of Heror'est has long been considered a benevolent one. Her court often sees unfortunate young women who seek her consul or revenge on an abusive ex, which she is always happy to oblige.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Veerus has a great distaste for the Lithosian view of patriarchal systems and the Erudism faith in general. Her brothels are closed to clergymen and representatives of the Lithosian nobility.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Though generally known to be a good-hearted and kind person, her vindictiveness for unkind and unsavory men is legendary.


    Veerus smells of various perfumes, oils, and scented candles.
    Lawful Neutral
    Current Location
    Current Residence
    Biological Sex
    Black, adorned with nuracrysts
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    115 lbs.
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    Common, Oceos'lo'kaiian, Arrisdrian, Lithoi, Sandtongue

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