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Merchant's Guild

The central seat of authority which works in connection with the Church of Helios to control trade and economy all across Ardras.


The Merchant's Guild operates as the central banking authority of Aristolia and has guild halls established in every major city.
Each of the main cities of Aristolia; Marblemarch, Mandas, Heror'est, Redrook, and Roguesport are each ruled over by a Trade Prince. These Trade Princes maintain contact and strong trade routes with each other to keep the flow of commerce through Aristolia strong and robust. A trade prince is responsible for managing all trade, peacekeeping, administrative, and other duties of a local ruler.   Below a Trade Prince are the Guild Deans, they run and operate the Merchant Guild halls all across Ardras. They are responsible for running the administrative, accounting, and treasury details of the guild, in addition to managing merchant members, awarding positions within the guild, establishing protection for merchants and vendors within their territory, among many other responsibilities.   Merchant Deacons are well traveled and established merchant vendors who carry special privledges within the guild, including access to its many resources, networks, and other benefits. They train Merchant Applicants in their shops as well as provide adventurers and travelers with a myriad of specialized goods and equipment. A merchant deacon designation is a highly sought after position by many merchants.   Merchant Acolytes are journeyman Merchant's Guild members, they are permitted to carry the seal of the Merchant's Guild, a Helios Piece, as proof of their monetary net worth. Merchant Acolytes are often awarded the protections of the Merchant's Guild, provided they work together with a Merchant Deacon to set up such protections. Most traveling merchants are often associated with the Merchant's Guild at this level.   Merchant Applicants are the guild initiates who do not yet have the proof of income to establish themselves as a distinguished guild member. Most often, Merchant Applicants work as apprentices in a shop as an unpaid assistant. They carry on them a writ of transit that marks them as a guild initiate, which allows them to accompany other guild members on official guild business. They pass on to become Merchant Acolytes when they can afford their first Helios piece.


Merchants far and wide are familiar and often associated with the Merchant's Guild. Since it's founding it has been a beacon for those who wish to work their way out of obscurity. It's long history comes with a long line of prestigious Guild Deans, who were once the head leaders of each independent guild. With the establishment of the Church of Helios, new high ranking nobles known as Trade Princes acted as patrons of the guild, over time cementing their rule over Aristolia with the intersections of power between both groups.
  Within the Merchant's Guild, information is the most prized resource, and well established merchants exchange such information at high prices, through the exchange of Helios Pieces, a highly valuable form of currency. Most inter-guild trade is done through this coin, making it's trade exclusive to guild members only.

Public Agenda

The Merchant's Guild seeks to foster and grow trade relations between kingdoms through a unified system of commerce. It exists for the benefit of all to officiate trade and fight against illegal smuggling, bandit robberies, and other forms of unofficial conduct.


  • Mandas Merchant's Guild Hall
  • Marblemarch Merchant's Guild Hall
  • Redrook Merchant's Guild Hall
  • Heror'est Merchant's Guild Hall
  • Garras Merchant's Guild Hall
  • Roguesport Merchant's Guild Hall
  • Goldhaven Merchant's Guild Hall


The Merchant's Guild traces it's origins to the oldest foundations of Aristolian history, an order of merchant-kings hailing from the Daggerwood Forest and craftsmen from the nomadic tribes of the Crystcrown Desert.   It was the exchange of gold for rare Crystcrown goods that started commerce between the two groups. As these merchant-kings traveled the lands of Ardras, their renown and association with the unique artifacts of the far east that began this organization's loose beginnings.   It wouldn't be another two thousand years in 8525 before the guild's first official founding within the kingdom of Arrisdra which saw the descendents of these first well connected families organize shortly after the signing of the Guilds Act, which allow for the state-sanctioned organizing of groups. Working together with, and financing other new guilds, the Merchant's Guild quickly rose to prominence.   In 8725, the Merchant's Guild relocated to the kingdom of Blackhearth following the siege and annexation of Redrook. This highly controversial decision was made to ensure the propiety of the Merchant's Guild and it's association with those in power. Following the guild's withdrawal from the kingdom, Arrisdra fell into ruin soon after to nefarious underworld groups.

Greater than the sum of its parts.

Founding Date
Guild, Merchant
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