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Chapter 2 - The Girl in the Shadows

Pyre is gently reprimanded for his actions by Trade Prince Arushala Ivorcoat; this time instead of being let off the hook like usual, Arushala tasks Pyre with guarding Guild Dean Regalus Silvertongue on his voyage back to Roguesport. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl stalks the characters in the shadows.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Scene One - Pyre is brought to Trade Prince Arushala who tasks him with bodyguarding Guild Dean Regalus Silvertongue.
  • Scene Two - Trade Prince Arushala meets with his fellow Trade Princes to discuss current events.
  • Scene Three - Icarus helps outfit Pyre for his journey, reminding Pyre of his father's legacy, Pyre notices Zephyr Windgale sneaking about.
  • Scene Four - Pyre eyes a valuable looking chest and the reader gains some insight about the greater world of Ardras as they prepare to board the ship, Zephyr joins them disguised as a bodyguard.
  • Scene Five - We are introduced to Crassner Blacktalon, captain of the chartered ship bound for Roguesport, as the characters board the vessel.
  • Structure


    We learn that Pyre is the son of a long lost hero, Vallar Redheart through Arushala Ivorcoat, and that he often gets let off the hook for his mischevious antics. This time however, the wise Trade Prince decides that giving Pyre something to keep his attention will do him some good. In the shadows we see Zephyr Windgale stalking Regalus Silvertongue and waiting for an opportunity to strike.


    Pyre is gently reminded by Arushala of his legacy and the greatness his father left in his wake. As Pyre leaves with Icarus to be outfitted, Arushala meets with his fellow trade princes to discuss the concerning events happening on the western borders of Aristolia. Societal unrest in Lithos threatens the populations of Redrook and war seems to be looming on the horizon.

    Rising Action

    While being outfitted, Icarus presents Pyre with his father's sword Shamshir, but not before being given a speech about accountability and responsibility. Pyre takes the sword, but doesn't seem particularly interested in what Icarus has to say. In the next scene, Pyre joins several other bodyguards which provide insight to the other races and peoples of the world of Ardras as they prepare to board. The mysterious girl in leather armor sneaks aboard the ship disguised as a bodyguard.


    Pyre notices a large and ornate chest of Meinongian construction being brought onboard the ship; immediately he begins to think of the possible treasure hidden inside and how he could make off with the riches and pursue a life of piracy.

    Falling Action

    We are introduced to Crassner Blacktalon, the captain of the chartered ship, he appears crass and grumpy, ordering his crew around as they load Regalus's many many chests of products and goods. As the workers finish loading the ship, they set off for their journey.



  • Get outfitted for the journey
  • Board the ship
  • Relations



  • Regalus Silvertongue
  • Arushala Ivorcoat
  • Icarus, Captain of the Guard
  • Neutrals/Bystanders

  • Fellow bodyguards
  • Competitors




    We are introduced to Arushala and his luxurious estate which sits on the precipice overlooking Mandas Sea, a stark difference from the squalor of the docks district. Adjacent to the estate is the armory where Pyre is equipped by Icarus, it is filled with various weapons and armor from across Ardras. The chapter ends as the characters board Crassner Blacktalon's ship, the S.S. Anne.
    Plot type

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