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Chapter 1 - The Boy from the Docks

The reader is introduced to Pyre Redheart, a young mischevious rogue from the docks district of Mandas.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Scene One - Pyre and his cohorts liberate fruit from a marketplace vendor.
  • Scene Two - Pyre and company is chased through the streets by the local guards.
  • Scene Three - Pyre escapes from a dead end, right into the hands of the Captain of the Guard.
  • Structure


    The reader is given a birds eye view of Mandas, the City of Man, which is described in detail as a shining city built on a precipice overlooking the Mandas Sea, the massive stone docks see the comings and goings of various ships and sea vessels as dock workers load and unload goods from the bellies of the sea vessels. Adjacent to the docks is the Marketplace, filled with vendors from across Aristolia selling food, artifacts, jewelry, and other various products. We begin our story with Pyre and a handful of his street urchin associates concocting a plan to liberate one such vendor of their foodstuffs.

    Rising Action

    Pyre distracts the guard while his street urchin friends quietly sneak up on the fruit vendor, careful not to alert the vendor of their presence. Pyre's familiarity with the Captain of the Guard, Icarus, implies that the two of them have known eachother for some time. Icarus criticizes Pyre for his suspicious behavior before noticing that he was being distracted the entire time.   Icarus gives chase as the young scoundrels bolt from the marketplace with food in hand, as they traverse the slums of Mandas, we are given insight into Pyre's personality as he changes his escape plan to adapt to new circumstances, such as guards blocking their path or suddenly finding themselves careening through the sloping city streets in a cart. One by one, his cohorts get captured until it is just him and his right hand man left.


    Pyre and his cohorts come to a dead end on a balcony overlooking the docks district, using a nearby broom and clothesline, Pyre and his best friend make a last ditch effort to escape by riding the clothesline down to the next level. More clever than he looks, Icarus captures Pyre and his friend at the bottom of the clothesline.

    Falling Action

    Pyre's antics are brought to an end when Icarus catches Pyre.



  • Escape the guards
  • Keep the stolen food
  • Stakes

  • Pyre getting captured means he will be reprimanded by Arushala Ivorcoat, again.
  • Relations


  • Pyre Redheart
  • Pyre's street friends
  • Adversaries

  • Icarus, Captain of the Guard
  • Local guards
  • Backdrops


    These scenes take place in the Docks District and Marketplace District of Mandas. Despite the illustriousness of most of the city, the docks and lower districts do not share these qualities, most of the scenery is the slums and poorer areas populated by the dregs of society.
    Plot type

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